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Virgin Play
Founded: 2002
Defunct: 2009

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Virgin Play was a Spanish video game publisher established in May 2002. It resulted from the assets of Virgin Interactive España, the Spanish publishing division of Virgin Interactive (by then owned and controlled by French company Titus Software), which was purchased by Tim Chaney along with the former president and founder of the Spanish division Paco Encinas. The branch was then separated from the main Virgin Interactive company[1], by then owned and controlled by French company Titus Software, and kept its own identity as a Virgin brand.

Renamed to its definitive legal name in October 2002, this Spanish publisher remained as the sole representation of the Virgin Group in the video game industry until it filed for liquidation in 2009. While their business operations mostly focused on the distribution of games from other companies in Spain (among them, the PlayStation Portable version of Puyo Pop Fever), they also ventured to publish games abroad, even though they never reached quite the extent of former parent company Virgin Interactive.



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