Fukkokuban Sega Saturn Virtua Stick For 'PlayStation 2'

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Virtua Stick
Manufacturer: Sega Logistics Service
Made for: PlayStation 3
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Sony PlayStation 2


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The Fukkokuban Sega Saturn Virtua Stick For "PlayStation 2" (復刻版セガサターンバーチャスティック For “PlayStation 2”) is a third-party accessory designed and manufactured by Sega Logistics Service for the PlayStation 2. It was not released outside of Japan.

This Virtua Stick, much like the PC version is essentially a recycled Sega Saturn Virtua Stick (the HSS-0136 model), as that stick was considered to be quite popular in Japan. It is far less colourful and has a slightly different button layout, presumably to either cut costs or blend in with the aesthetics of the system.

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PlayStation 2, JP
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