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Sega Logistics Service
Headquarters: Kamata, Japan

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Sega Logistics Service (セガ・ロジスティクスサービス), or SLS, are a company within Sega which deal with the maintenance and distribution of Sega hardware within Japan. It mainly specialises in arcade hardware and technology of that nature, but it was also responsible for the creation of various joypads, including Sega of Japan's various PlayStation 2 joypads and the PlaySEGA USB joypads. They also produce a 3D driving simulator for four-wheeled vehicles for driving schools called "SLDS-3G", a simulator called "SLRS" for motorcycles, and one called "SLDS-SJ" for the elderly.

Sega Logistics Service's head office is in Kamata, with five other centres in Nishi-Kojiya, Sakura-nanso, Sakura, Yaguchi, and Kansai.

Their UK counterpart is Sega Total Solutions.



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