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Sega Logistics Service
Founded: 1995-04-14[1]
Kamata, Japan

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Sega Logistics Service Co., Ltd (セガ・ロジスティクスサービス), or SLS, is a Japanese logistics company that exists as a subsidiary of Sega.

Since its inception, SLS was specalised in the distribution and maintenance of amusement equipment. While its parent company would design and manufacture equipment, SLS would transport, install and provide maintenance and support for the equipment in the years which followed. While wholly owned by Sega, SLS existed as a separate corporate entity, so also provided similar services to rival companies such as Namco or Taito.

In the mid-2000s, SLS moved into other areas, producing 3D driving simulators for Japanese driving schools. The "SLDS-3G" covers four-wheeled vehicles, the "SLRS" for motorcycles, and "SLDS-SJ" caters for the elderly. They also started producing video game accessories for the PlayStation 2 and Windows PCs, and took responsibilty for producing video game manuals and packaging designs.

Sega Logistics Service's head office is in Kamata, with five other centres in Nishi-Kojiya, Sakura-nanso, Sakura, Yaguchi, and Kansai.

Their UK counterpart is Sega Total Solutions.


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