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DigitalRex logo.png
Founded: 2003-10-01[1]
Defunct: 2004-07-01[2]
Merged into: AM Plus (2004)
Ohta-ku, Tokyo, Japan

DigitalRex Co., Ltd (株式会社デジタルレックス) (originally announced as Cinematic Online Games Co. Ltd.) was a wholly owned subsidiary of Sega, founded by Yu Suzuki in 2003, after migrating from Sega AM2.

The company was involved in a small handful of games, only to be dissolved in less than a year when most of Sega's Japanese R&D subsidiaries were merged back into Sega. It is not thought DigitalRex had a chance to finish any games before its demise; it was expected to show a game at E3 2004, but while Yu Suzuki attended the event, nothing from his studio was seen.

Upon merging back into Sega, DigitalRex effectively became AM Plus.

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