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Amusement Vision
Founded: 2000-04-21[1]
Defunct: 2004-07-01[2]

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Amusement Vision (アミューズメントヴィジョン) was a research and development division within Sega.

It was created in 2000 to act as a replacement for Sega Software R&D Dept. #4 (formerly known as Sega AM11)[3]. Just like the newly formed WOW Entertainment, Hitmaker and Sega Rosso, Amusement Vision were given a more home-centric purpose, in addition to catering the arcade market.

Sega AM2's Toshihiro Nagoshi managed the studio, with his brainchild Daytona USA seeing an Amusement Vision-led upgrade in the form of Daytona USA 2001.Amusement Vision's big success was the Monkey Ball franchise, one of the most notable post-Dreamcast successes. They were also responsible for the critically acclaimed F-Zero GX. Based on these successes, Nagoshi was allowed to further develop home console projects in the future, while other studios returned to be arcade-centric.

Following a corporate restructure, Amusement Vision would become New Entertainment R&D Dept. in 2005.


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