Toyo Teramoto

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Toyo Teramoto
Employment history:
Amusement Vision (2002-04[1] – 2004-07[1])
Sega (2004-07[1] – 2006-06[1])
Polyphony Digital (2006-06[1] – )
Role(s): Tester
Education: Tsuyama National College of Technology, Tsuyama College (Department of Electronics and Control Engineering, 1993-1998)[2], Toyohashi University of Technology (Bachelor's (Informatics)/Master's (Informatics) in Information technology (IT), 1998-2002)[2]
Twitter: @teramoto_toyo

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Toyo Teramoto (寺元 陶陽) is a former programmer and self-described engineer[2] at Sega of Japan, known for his work on F-Zero AX/GX at Amusement Vision[1] and Virtua Striker 4/Ver. 2006 at Sega Sports Design R&D Dept.[2], primarily as a camera programmer[1] He left Sega in 2004 to work at Polyphony Digital on the Gran Turismo series as a UX designer, game designer, engineer and eventually race director[1].

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