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Mika Kojima
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Role(s): Artist

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Mika Kojima (小島 ミカ) is a former character designer at Sega of Japan who got her start at Sega R&D 8. While her earliest known game is Rent A Hero, she is senior to Kazuhiro Izaki, a frequent collaborator, who joined the same year that game was created[1]. She was later involved with the Virtua Fighter series up to VF3. During the development of Spikeout: Digital Battle Online, she followed Toshihiro Nagoshi to the new department Sega AM11 and stayed with its direct successors.

Kojima's last known work is under Amusement Vision, where she is credited for creating AiAi and other characters from the Super Monkey Ball series.

Her name may also be Misako Kojima (小島 充紗子), who is given special thanks in Burning Rival.

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