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Sega CS
Founded: 1991
Defunct: 1996-04-01
Merged with: Sega CS1, Sega CS2, Sega CS3, SEGA PC
Headquarters: Japan

Sega CS R&D or Sega Consumer Research and Development Department was a division within Sega Enterprises. It is a continuation of Sega R&D2. Following the monumental success of Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega's games on console matured further, and motivated Sega to make further original games and expand their scope outside of arcade ports.

In the mid-90's, executive producers started getting credited. Mamoru Shigeta, Yoji Ishii, Makoto Oshitani, Koichi Nagata and Noriyoshi Ohba frequently collaborated during the nineties. By April 1996, Sega employed the system of it's AM department, by spunning off seperate R&D departments. CS1 headed by Makoto Oshitani, CS2 headed by Noriyoshi Ohba as well as CS3, headed by Yuji Naka, as well as a PC division, called Sega PC, headed by Shun Arai.



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