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Not to be confused with Katsuhisa Sato.
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Katsuhiko Sato
Employment history:
Electronic Arts Canada
Role(s): Artist

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Katsuhiko Sato (佐藤 勝彦) is a Japanese artist at Sega of Japan who has a long history working on sports games. He is best known as a stage designer for Sonic Spinball[3] and the UI design supervisor for Phantasy Star Online 2[1]. Since May 2022 he has been the development design manager at Sega[2]

Between at least 2004 and 2006, Sato, like some other previous developers of the Let's Make Baseball franchise, worked for Electronic Arts Canada on games like Def Jam: Fight for NY and FIFA Soccer 06.

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Print advert in Dreamcast Magazine (JP) #1999-25: "1999-25 (1999-08-13,20)" (1999-07-30)

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