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Tomoyuki Ito
Employment history:
Role(s): Director

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Tomoyuki Ito (伊藤 知行) is a former director at Sega of Japan. He joined Sega in 1992 after it absorbed his previous company Megasoft, which was developing Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master, a game which he and the rest of the team completely revamped after lackluster feedback[5]. He is known for his "Ito Maps", which changed the course of platform action game designs, and can be seen in Shinobi III and Clockwork Knight[2].

Following success directing Dragon Force, Ito became a mainstay of the Sakura Taisen franchise, served as an advisor on Skies of Arcadia and produced Online Games: Dai Guru Guru Onsen, the last game in said series. Ito is last recorded as being the vice president of Global Entertainment R&D Dept. 2[4]. He left Sega some time after the release of Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 18: Dragon Force[6].

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