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Skies of Arcadia
System(s): Sega Dreamcast, GameCube
Publisher: Sega
Peripherals supported:
Sega Dreamcast
Jump Pack, Dreamcast Modem Visual Memory Unit, Dreamcast VGA Box
Genre: RPG[1][2][3][4]

Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
  • 日本語
  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Français
  • Español
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Dreamcast
    ¥6,800 (7,140)6,800e[2] HDR-0076
    Sega Rating: All Ages
    Sega Dreamcast
    (Limited Box)
    ¥9,800 (10,290)9,800e[2] HDR-0109
    Sega Rating: All Ages
    Sega Dreamcast
    ¥1,000 (1,050)1,000e[2] HDR-0119
    Sega Rating: All Ages
    Sega Dreamcast
    $49.9949.99[7] 51052
    ESRB: Teen
    Sega Dreamcast
    ELSPA: 11+ OK
    Sega Dreamcast
    USK: 6
    Sega Dreamcast
    aDeSe: 13+
    Sega Dreamcast
    SELL: 12+
    Sega Dreamcast
    Sega Dreamcast
    £29.9929.99[8] MK-51052-50
    ELSPA: 11+ OK
    Nintendo GameCube
    ¥6,800 (7,140)6,800 (7,140)[3] DOL-P-GEAJ
    Nintendo GameCube
    ¥2,800 (2,940)2,800 (2,940)[3] DOL-P-GEAJ
    CERO: Free
    Nintendo GameCube
    $49.9949.99[12][13] DOL-P-GEAE
    ESRB: Teen
    Nintendo GameCube
    USK: 6
    Nintendo GameCube
    aDeSe: Todos los Publicos
    Nintendo GameCube
    SELL: Tous Publics
    Nintendo GameCube
    ELSPA: 11+ OK
    Nintendo GameCube
    VET: 11+
    Nintendo GameCube
    ELSPA: 11+ OK
    Nintendo GameCube

    Skies of Arcadia , released in Japan as Eternal Arcadia (エターナル アルカディア), is a console role-playing game developed by Overworks for the Sega Dreamcast and published by Sega in 2000. During development it was known as Project Ares.



    Most of gameplay in Skies of Arcadia takes place in dungeons. Controlling the male protagonist, Vyse, from a third-person view, players must traverse and defeat these dungeons in order to advance the storyline. Dungeons comprise of a network of pathways with treasure chests, puzzles, and ubiquitous monsters. Completing the dungeons is usually a matter of exploring each of the possible pathways presented to the player until the correct one is found. Treasure chests are commonplace and contain some of the most powerful items in the game. Throughout the dungeon gameplay the player meets compulsory random encounters. If the entire player party is defeated, progress is reset to the beginning of the dungeon. In the Dreamcast version, it was possible to slightly foresee these random encounters by noticing a loud spin-up of the console's GD-ROM drive. This gave the player time to open the start menu and prepare for the battle.

    Travel between the numerous dungeons is accomplished by piloting an airship through the overworld, a three dimensional sky with massive floating rocks forming islands and continents. Some islands are completely uninhabited, while others are filled with sprawling towns and cities. All dungeons are located on these islands and continents. There are two exceptions to this, where a dungeon is traversed whilst piloting the airship. This form of dungeon contains floating spherical objects instead of treasure chests, and vortex-like tunnels in place of corridors and doors in one case, and a single series of tunnels in the other.


    Overworld travel takes place entirely on the player's airship. The world is at first divided by impassable "sky rifts" which bar the player's passage. Throughout overworld travel, unavoidable random encounters occur as in the dungeons. These battles take place on the deck of the airship and are otherwise identical to their dungeon-based counterparts. Later in the game, however, an advanced mechanism is discovered for the player's ship which allows it to rise above the upper cloud layer and sink below the lower cloud layer of Arcadia, presenting two ways to avoid these encounters, and also provides the player the means to pass through sky rifts. In addition, ship-to-ship combat can occur whilst traveling through the overworld; however, the majority of these are unavoidable boss fights which advance the storyline. Random ship-to-ship battles can occur, but they are rare and avoidable.


    The player can also find Discoveries hidden throughout the world while flying their airship. Information about discoveries can be sold at Sailor's Guilds located in cities throughout the game; the value of a discovery is determined by how well-hidden it is and how much time has elapsed since it was possible to find. When finding a new land, a discovery is recorded automatically, as these Discoveries are part of the storyline.

    Battle system

    Combat occurs frequently, especially during the overworld travel. It is not until late in the game that it becomes possible to avoid combat during overworld travel. Combat comprises two vastly different settings: those encountered in ship to ship combat, and character to monster combat. Ship to ship combat occurs relatively rarely compared to the common character-combat. This encounter rate was reduced for the GameCube re-release.

    Character combat

    Character combat occurs between one to four player characters and one to eight monsters or NPCs. Combat comprises seven main options: Run, Items (which can be used to change the characters' equipment as well), Guard, Attack, S.Move (Super Move), Magic and Focus. An eighth option, Crew Special, becomes available later in the game by meeting certain criteria (which replaces the Run command). After an action has been chosen for each character, the round will commence.

    Ship combat

    Ship combat is used when battling other ships and the extremely powerful gigas that are summoned throughout the game. Ship combat follows the same framework as character combat, however there are a few distinct differences. Each round in ship combat is divided into either three or four turns depending on how many characters are currently in the party. During each round, neither team has more than a single turn advantage over the opposition. Ship battles use a color-coded grid system to show each turn in the following two rounds, and the amount of fire the ship will come under during each turn.

    The same actions used in character combat are used here, albeit with small differences. The 'Attack' option now has the player pick between four different cannons that have been equipped to the ship. Cannons come in three different types - powerful main cannons, multi-firing secondary cannons, and delayed-effect torpedoes - and each one can only be used once per round. This same stipulation carries over to the S. Move command, which now uses a large, front-mounted cannon. In addition to the standard actions, the ship's crew can be called upon by one of the characters in the party. Whilst each of these can only be used once in each ship battle, the diversity and power of the crew's abilities can be very useful.


    In Japan, there were also special Dreamcast releases of the game. Eternal Arcadia Limited Box bundled the game with a bandanna, three keychain figures, a mobile phone strap, a necklace with leather strap, and a glossy 64-page 'Visual Book' A4 artbook. There is also an "@barai" version, which for a small fee would allow the player to access a small portion of the game. The rest could be unlocked after payment via the Dreamcast's online service.

    Sequels and re-releases

    Skies of Arcadia Legends, or Eternal Arcadia Legend (エターナルアルカディア レジェンド) in Japan, is an enhanced port released for the GameCube in 2002. Legends was also in development for the PlayStation 2 and Windows. however, it was cancelled shortly before the GameCube release. The game's story focuses around Vyse, a young pirate in a Jules Verne-inspired fantasy world, and his friends as they attempt to stop the Valuan Empire from reviving ancient weapons with the potential to destroy the world.

    Cameo appearance

    Vyse and Aika appear also in the PS3 game Valkyria Chronicles, made by the same team of Skies of Arcadia. They can be randomly recruited in Squad 7.

    Vyse also later appeared in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, with Rogue's Landing appearing as a raceable course.


    Localised names

    Also known as
    Language Localised Name English Translation
    English Skies of Arcadia Skies of Arcadia
    English (US) Skies of Arcadia Skies of Arcadia
    Japanese エターナル アルカディア Eternal Arcadia

    Production credits

    • ヴァイス: 関 智一
    • アイカ: 川上 とも子
    • ファイナ: 堀江 由衣
    • ドラクマ: 麦人
    • エンリック: 保志 総一朗
    • ギルダー: 若本 規夫
    • テオドーラ: 小宮 和枝
    • アルフォンソ: 置鮎 龍太郎
    • グレゴリオ: 小山 武宏
    • ビゴロ: 菅原 正志
    • ベレーザ: 天野 由梨
    • デ・ロッコ: 二又 一成
    • ラミレス: 緑川 光
    • ガルシアン: 有本 欽隆
    • パートリーダー: 前川 浩二
    • <プランナー>
    • マップ設計: 唐島 一宇, 相場 洋, 小川 卓哉
    • マップスクリプト: 和気 良介, 下間 雅朗, 徳永 隆明
    • <デザイナー>
    • 街マップ: 奥田 昌子, 久保 真紀子, 諸江 厚子, 保科 加代, 大木 正明, 岩瀬 正義
    • イベントマップ: 早川 義春, 杉山 ルナ, 小池田 朋子, 金子 晃宏
    • ダンジョンマップ: 川瀬 圭一, 喜多 健介, 田中 新兵, 深澤 準, 大辻 貴志, 荻原 健成, 鮫川 裕彦, 本間 寧, 菅原 信通, 梁瀬 雄二
    • 空マップ: 金澤 浩隆, 松浦 サエコ, 山下 和弘
    • ウインドウデザイン: 古橋 美恵
    • マップイメージ: 西尾 洋
    • <プログラマー>
    • マップシステムプログラミング: 松尾 力, 蛭田 健司, 押井 達寛
    • ウインドウプログラミング: 脇原 一雄, 矢野 克彦
    • VMプログラミング: 大澤 健二
    • パートリーダー: 田中 俊太郎
    • <プランナー>
    • コーディネート: 鈴木 由布子
    • 演出: 清水 とおる, 若林 漢二
    • イベントスクリプト: 大坪 鉄弥, 坂詰 英紀, 斎藤 達雄, 福永 僚太郎, 小田島 浩史, 北村 英明, 三好 尚行, 水野 勉, 敬信 清, 吉野 敬信
    • <デザイナー>
    • キャラモデル: 東 真一, 椛谷 千加, 宮澤 由佳, 神田 志津代, 小栗 徹也, 山崎 朝子
    • イベントモーション: 小室 和生, 福井 基博, 谷口 成樹, 小倉 由章, 橋本 弘成, 高橋 雅也, 金子 好宏, 本間 隆宏, 原田 健一, 大田 誉士, 大村 忍, 宮澤 和宏, 遠藤 庸将, 内藤 貴之, 乙咩 孝仁
    • 村人モーション: 兼森 士郎, 井澤 賢一
    • イベントエフェクト: 及川 大祐, 藤井 泉信, 小野 智史
    • パートリーダー: 藤井 大輔
    • <プランナー>
    • 戦闘ステージ仕様: 木村 あずさ
    • エネミー仕様: 村上 航
    • <デザイナー>
    • エネミーモデル: 高松 俊行, 杉浦 舶, 横川 聡, 大嶺 忠, 大沢 清紀, 佐藤 茂, 渡邉 一行, 岩男 信人
    • エネミーモーション: 野村 健太郎, 遠山 尚
    • エフェクト: 伊藤 俊博, 田中 康隆, 渡邉 貴光, 田中 真, 西浦 悦史
    • 戦闘ステージ: 小村 一生
    • <プログラマー>
    • 戦闘システムプログラミング: 円藤 義秋, 野村 光一, 山本 健太郎
    • パートリーダー: 倉本 順郎
    • <プランナー>
    • スクリプト: 和智 孝, 武田 玄之, 大見 和永, 関根 保成, 宝槻 力
    • <デザイナー>
    • モデル&モーション: 真弓 毅, 南沢 賢一, 川合 彦毅, 伊東 正博, 和田 功, 遠山 元子
    • エフェクト: 荒井 悟, 稲葉 剛士
    • <プログラマー>
    • 砲撃戦システムプログラミング: 吉川 成晴, 佐藤 修, 石場 純一
    © Sega/Overworks, 2000
    In-game credits (JP)

    • Executive Producer: Noriyoshi Oba
    • Producer: Rieko Kodama
    • Director: Atsushi Seimiya, Shuntaro Tanaka
    • Chief Planner: Tomohiro Nimura
    • Planner: Takuya Ogawa, Takanobu Yoshino
    • Chief Designer: Toshiyuki Mukaiyama
    • Graphic Designer: Hirotaka Kanazawa
    • Chief Programmer: Tetsuichiro Hirose
    • Programmer: Kouichi Nomura
    • Map Design Director: Koji Maekawa
    • Map Designer: Karashima, Hiroshi Soma, Takuya Ogawa
    • Map Scripting: Ryosuke Waki, Masaaki Shimoma, Takaaki Tokunaga
    • City Maps: Masako Okuda, Makiko Kubo, Atsuko Moroe, Kayo Hoshina, Masaaki Ohki, Masayoshi Iwase
    • Dungeon Maps: Keiichi Kawase, Kensuke Kita, Shinpei Tanaka, Hitoshi Fukazawa, Takashi Ohtsuji, Kensei Ogiwara, Hirohiko Samekawa, Hitoshi Honma, Nobumichi Sugawara, Yuji Yanase
    • Sky Map: Hirotaka Kanazawa, Saeko Matsuura, Kazuhiro Yamashita
    • Window Designer: Mie Furuhashi
    • Map Illustration: Hiroshi Nishio
    • Map System: Tsutomu Matsuo, Kenji Hiruta, Tatsuhiro Oshii
    • Window Programmer: Kazuo Wakihara, Katsuhiko Yano
    • VMU Programmer: Kenji Ohsawa
    • Scenario Designer: Shuntaro Tanaka
    • Scenario Coordinator: Yuko Suzuki
    • Scenario Director: Toru Shimizu, Kanji Wakabayashi
    • Scenario Scripting: Tetsuya Ohtsubo, Hideki Sakadume, Tatsuo Saito, Ryotaro Fukunaga, Hiroshi Odajima, Hideaki Kitamura, Naoyuki Miyoshi, Tsutomu Mizuno, Kiyoshi Iwaoka, Takanobu Yoshino
    • Character Models: Shinichi Higashi, Chika Kojitani, Yuka Miyazawa, Shizuyo Kanda, Tetsuya Oguri, Asako Yamasaki
    • Character Motions: Kazuo Komuro, Motohiro Fukui, Shigeki Taniguchi, Yoshiaki Ogura, Hironari Hashimoto, Masaya Takahashi, Yoshihiro Kaneko, Takahiro Honma, Kenichi Harada, Takashi Ohta, Shinobu Ohmura, Kazuhiro Miyazawa, Tsunemasa Endo, Takayuki Naito, Takahito Otome
    • Villager Motions: Shiro Kanemori, Kenichi Izawa
    • Scenario Effects: Daisuke Oikawa, Minobu Fujii, Satoshi Ono
    • Battle System Director: Daisuke Fujii
    • Battle Stage Planner: Azusa Kimura
    • Enemy Specs: Wataru Murakami
    • Enemy Models: Toshiyuki Takamatsu, Paku Sugiura, Satoshi Yokokawa, Tadashi Ohmine, Kiyonori Ohsawa, Sigeru Sato, Kazuyuki Watanabe, Nobuto Iwao
    • Enemy Motions: Kentaro Nonaka, Hisashi Toyama
    • Battle Stage Designer: Kazuo Komura
    • System Programmers: Yoshiaki Endo, Kouichi Nomura, Kentaro Yamamoto
    • Effects: Toshihiro Ito, Yasutaka Tanaka, Takamitsu Watanabe, Makoto Tanaka, Etusi Nisiura
    • Ship Battle Director: Yorio Kuramoto
    • Battle Scripting: Takashi Wachi, Motoyuki Takeda, Kazuhisa Ohmi, Yasunari Sekine, Tsutomu Hotsuki
    • Ship Models & Motions: Tsuyoshi Mayumi, Kenichi Minamizawa, Hirotaka Kawai, Masahiro Ito, Isao Wada, Motoko Toyama
    • Special Effects: Satoru Arai, Tsuyoshi Inaba
    • Battle System Programmers: Shigeharu Yoshikawa, Osamu Sato, Junichi Ishiba
    • Sound Director: Tatsuya Kouzaki
    • BGM & Sound Effects: Yutaka Minobe, Tatsuyuki Maeda
    • Sound Effects: Seirou Okamoto, Mariko Nanba, Takashi Endoh, Hideki Abe, Tomoya Ohtani, Keiichi Sugiyama
    • Story Consultant: Junya Fujimoto
    • Illustrations: Itsuki Hoshi
    • Orchestra Coordination: Kiyoshi Tonozaki, Torakichi Takagi
    • Music Performed By: The Skies of Arcadia Symphony Orchestra
    • Manual & Package Designer: Kaoru Ichigozaki, Makoto Nishino
    • Planning Consultants: Akira Nishino, Takaharu Terada, Katsuhito Goto, Keisuke Nakamura
    • Design Support: Toru Yoshida, Tsukasa Mori, Takehiko Akabane, Haruo Nakano, Satsuki Nagano
    • Advisor: Tomoyuki Ito
    • Voice Actors: Christopher Sullivan, Victoria McCreary, Julissa L. Aguirre, Joseph Hughes, Robb McCulloch, Jay Styne, Fay Lumley, Jerry Lawrence, Steve Cloyes, Charles Martinet, Andrea Satin, Bill Broughton, Ian Reddoch, Dennis Lancaster
    Sega Europe, Ltd.
    In-game credits (EU)

    Magazine articles

    Main article: Skies of Arcadia/Magazine articles.

    Promotional material

    Main article: Skies of Arcadia/Promotional material.


    Physical scans

    Dreamcast version

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    576 Konzol (HU)
    Bonus (SCG) PAL
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    Consoles + (FR) PAL
    Dreamcast Magazine (JP) NTSC-J
    Dreamcast Magazine (UK) PAL
    Dorimaga (JP) NTSC-J
    Edge (UK)
    Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) NTSC-U
    Entsiklopediya igr dlya Dreamcast (RU)
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    GamePlay RPG (FR) PAL
    Gamers' Republic (US) NTSC-U
    Neo Plus (PL)
    Official Dreamcast Magazine (UK) PAL
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    PSX Extreme (PL)
    PSX Extreme (PL) PAL
    Strana Igr (RU)
    Video Games (DE) NTSC-U
    Sega Dreamcast
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    Skies of Arcadia

    Dreamcast, JP
    SkiesofArcadia DC JP Box Back.jpgSkiesofArcadia DC JP Box Front.jpg
    SkiesofArcadia DC JP spinecard.jpg
    EternalArcadia DC JP Disc1.jpg
    Disc 1
    EternalArcadia DC JP Disc2.jpg
    Disc 2
    SkiesofArcadia DC JP Manual.pdf
    SkiesofArcadia DC JP RegCard.pdf
    Reg Card
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    Extra 1
    SkiesofArcadia DC JP extra01.jpg
    Extra 2
    Dreamcast, JP (Limited Box)
    SkiesofArcadia DC JP Limited Box Front.jpg
    Dreamcast, JP (@barai)
    SkiesofArcadia DC JP Barai Box.jpg
    Eternal Arcadia DC JP Disc 1.jpg
    Disc 1
    Eternal Arcadia DC JP Disc 2.jpg
    Disc 2
    Dreamcast, US
    SkiesofArcadia DC US Box Back.jpgSkiesofArcadia DC US Box Front.jpg
    SkiesofArcadia DC US Disc1.jpg
    Disc 1
    SkiesofArcadia DC US Disc2.jpg
    Disc 2
    Dreamcast, EU
    Skies dc eu back cover.jpgSkies dc eu front cover.jpg
    Skies dc eu disc1.jpg
    Disc 1
    Skies dc eu disc2.jpg
    Disc 2

    GameCube version

    Sega Retro Average 
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    92 February 2003, p151
    100 GameFan
    100 February 2003, p50
    90 February 2003, p100
    80 March 2003, p42
    80 TechTV
    Nintendo GameCube
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    Nintendo Official Magazine (UK) PAL
    Nintendo Power (US) NTSC-U
    N-Zone (DE) PAL
    The Official Nintendo Magazine (UK) PAL
    Nintendo GameCube
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    Skies of Arcadia

    GameCube, JP
    SkiesofArcadia GC JP Box Back.jpgSkiesofArcadia GC JP Box.jpg
    Eternal Arcadia GC JP Disc.jpg
    GameCube, JP (Okaidoku-ban)
    EternalArcadiaLegends GC JP Box Front Alt.jpg
    GameCube, US
    SoAL GC US Box.jpg
    SkiesofArcadia GC US Disc.jpg
    GameCube, UK
    SoAL GC EU Box.jpg
    SkiesofArcadia GC EU Disc.jpg
    GameCube, FR/DE
    SkiesofArcadia GC FR-DE Box.jpg
    SkiesofArcadia GC EU Disc.jpg
    GameCube, ES/IT
    SkiesofArcadia GC ES-IT cover.jpg
    SkiesofArcadia GC EU Disc.jpg

    Technical information

    VMU Features

    Game saves can keep track of game progress. Up to 7 save files came be created on one VMU. Each additional save provides a different icon. There are also Downloadable Quests as well as a VMU mini game that can be obtained once certain criteria in the main game has been met.

    Skies of Arcadia Save Data
    Name File Name Comment File Size Icon
    Arcadia Save File ARCADIA_E001 Arcadia [Game Location] 27 blocks Skies vmu.png
    Arcadia Save File ARCADIA_E002 Arcadia [Game Location] 27 blocks Skies vmu2.png
    Arcadia Save File ARCADIA_E003 Arcadia [Game Location] 27 blocks Skies vmu3.png
    Arcadia Save File ARCADIA_E004 Arcadia [Game Location] 27 blocks Skies vmu4.png
    Arcadia Save File ARCADIA_E005 Arcadia [Game Location] 27 blocks Skies vmu5.png
    Arcadia Save File ARCADIA_E006 Arcadia [Game Location] 27 blocks Skies vmu6.png
    Arcadia Save File ARCADIA_E007 Arcadia [Game Location] 27 blocks Skies vmu7.png
    Arcadia Download File 1 ARCADIA_ED01 Arcadia Download 4 blocks Skies vmuDL1.gif
    Arcadia Download File 2 ARCADIA_ED02 Arcadia Download 4 blocks Skies vmuDL2.gif
    Arcadia Download File 3 ARCADIA_ED03 Arcadia Download 4 blocks Skies vmuDL3.gif
    Arcadia Pinta_Quest ARCADIA_E_VM Arcadia VMgame 83 blocks Skies vmuPinta.gif

    GameCube Memory Card Features

    Game saves can keep track of game progress.

    Skies of Arcadia Legends Save Data
    Title Comment Blocks Icon Banner
    Skies of Arcadia Legends [Game Location] 3 blocks

    Skies gc mem.png

    Skies gc memBanner.png

    Technical information

    ROM dump status

    System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments

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