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Wave Master
Founded: 2000-08-01
Tokyo, Japan

Wave Master Inc. (株式会社ウェーブマスター) is a Japanese music business owned by the Sega Sammy Group. Originally a successor to Sega Digital Media, Wave Master's original role was to produce music for Sega's video games, however is has since branched out into other forms of entertainment such as film and television, and acts as a record label, managing Japanese musicians and artists.

Wave Master was also briefly a video game developer in its own right, releasing Switch and New Roommania: Porori Seishun for the PlayStation 2 (and the PS2 port of Roommania #203, originally developed as Sega Digital Media). The company became solely concerned with music in 2003, absorbing Sammy's music business, Underground Liberation Force, in 2005.

As well as having its own musicians and recording engineers, Wave Master also has a recording studio which has been hired by third-party organisations.

For a while Wave Master were maintaining a handful of sub-labels, the two prominent ones being Wave Master Artists (for regular musical acts signed up with the record label) and Wave Master Entertainment, used for video game, film and animation soundtracks. Both were established in late 2003[1].


Former members

Softography (Music and sound design)


Game Boy Advance

PlayStation 2






Non-Sega games with sound design by Wave Master

These games do not have pages on Sega Retro.

Game Boy Advance

  • Rika-chan No Oshare Nikki (2004)

PlayStation 2


  • Blinx: The Time Sweeper (2002; Artoon/Microsoft)
  • Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space (2004; Artoon/Microsoft)




Wave Master Artists

Wave Master Entertainment


Sound! Shock Series

Magazine articles

Main article: Wave Master/Magazine articles.


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