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Founded: 2000-04-21[1]
Defunct: 2004-07-01 (as Subsidiary)[2], 2005-04-01 (as Division)
Merged into: Sega AM3
Headquarters: Japan

Hitmaker (ヒットメーカー) is a former internal development studio owned by Sega. It was founded in 2000 largely on the remains of Sega Software R&D Dept. 3 (formerly Sega AM3), and was one of the 10 that was spun off during the 2000 restructure.

AM3 was a dominant force within Sega throughout the 1990s, however had been very much arcade-orientated by design. With Hitmaker, this focus shifted more towards home consoles, but as the arcade section did not go away, this led to Hitmaker producing a large chunk of Sega games during the 2000-2004 period.

By far and away the biggest international success for Hitmaker were the Crazy Taxi and Virtua Tennis games, which defined the Dreamcasts library. But perhaps an even more defining success is changing the Japanese arcade landscape with the titles World Club Champion Football: Serie A 2001-2002 and The Key of Avalon: The Wizard Master. These titles along with the Sega AM2 Virtua Fighter 4, brought new features and dynamics, with cards and internet usage.

In October 2003, Sega Rosso was merged back into the studio[1].

Hitmaker even had their own record label, Hitmaker Records, for a short period.


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