Nobukazu Naruke

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Nobukazu Naruke
Employment history:
Role(s): Artist, designer

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Nobukazu Naruke (成毛 伸和) is a modeling artist at Sega of Japan. His first project at Sega was Jurassic Park[2], followed by his best-known work, the Cyber Troopers Virtual-On franchise. He has been called the founding father of the franchise's use of high-end CG models, having created the Temjin model used across the promotional material for Cyber Troopers Virtual-On[1]. He has been attached to Phantasy Star since Phantasy Star Online 2. Frequently works with Yasuhiro Mori, who he mentored in Mori's first year at Sega[1].

Despite his pure heart, Naruke is a noted fan of Devilman[1]. He has been colleagues with Michinari Terada since cram school[3].

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