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Kazumasa Nishijima
Employment history:
Role(s): Programmer, Marketing, Localizer, Producer

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Kazumasa Nishijima (西嶋 一真), is Japanese businessman and video game developer at Sega of Japan. After working as a programmer for WOW Entertainment[2][3] on Wild Riders, he joined the company's PR team beginning March 1st, writing an occasional PR diary on the company's official website under the name Kaz[4].

He then moved from WOW to Hitmaker and was in charge of the publicity for Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3[1]. He then started to do PR for the Sangokushi Taisen series[5], eventually becoming the producer of Eiketsu Taisen. He handled planning & PR for Wonderland Wars under the name Nishijiman (にしじまん)[6].

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