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In the world of Sega, a producer is someone who oversees a project at the highest level - a stop-gap between production and management who may or may not have a "hands-on" role in development. Producers often take credit for a project as they are usually responsible for the initial ideas (e.g. "let's make an RPG with sky pirates"), although it is usually up to a director to make sure the project actually happens. Often in Sega, producers double up as directors - many game development companies avoid using both and put the leadership in the hands of a lead designer.

During the mid-1990s Sega began to credit "executive producers" within games. In many cases these people contributed very little to a project other than allowing it to exist, so have not been listed here as their role is more akin to management of the company, not game development. Some executive producers act as "normal" producers, just with outside roles running a section of the company (for example, Noriyoshi Oba ran Overworks in addition to producing games).

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