Hideyo Ikeda

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Hideyo Ikeda
Employment history:
Wargaming Japan (2013-07[2][3] – 2018-07[2][3])
Chivalry Japan (2018-07[2][3] – )
Ubisoft (2022-09[2][3] – )
Role(s): Writer, Producer, Marketing
Education: Meiji University (Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Aviation law, 1989-1993)[3]

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Hideyo Ikeda (池田 英世) is a former writer and producer at Sega who was involved with Shenmue and RF Online, for the latter he seems to have worked with his friend Keishi Iwahara at Online Marketing Dept.[1][4]. He started writing in 1990[5] while at Meiji University, gaining experience by scripting games and anime, writing song lyrics, developing and producing games, before eventually turning his eyes towards marketing.

Ikeda became the head of marketing at a Wargaming Japan in 2013[3]. 5 years later he founded Chivalry Japan[3], which provided marketing consulting, public relations (PR), app store optimization (ASO) and quality assurance (QA) to international companies needed these services for the Japanese market[5]. Since 2022 he has also been the Japanese marketing director and mobile APAC for Ubisoft[2][3].

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