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Through lack of a better term (and because Category:Credits without reference already exists).

A subset of Category:Use ProductionHistory template. These are people who are being credited with working on games on "person" pages, but are not listed on the "game" page. However, the game in question doesn't have credits, so the information has come from a later source. This is a problem more common with earlier titles from the 1980s and early 1990s - the rest of the cases in "Use ProductionHistory template" are due to credit lists not being mirrored on Sega Retro yet.

e.g. Keisuke Tsukahara (composer) lists American Baseball, but American Baseball does not list Keisuke Tsukahara (and has no in-game or manual credits). Uncredited roles should be listed on the game pages, so we can rely on the automated Template:ProductionHistory template for generating... production history.

This category name sucks, but if we sort out game credits, it won't need to exist.

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