Shigemi Ohmori

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Shigemi Ohmori
Employment history:
Jungle (1998-10[1] – 1999-09[1])
Sega Enterprises (1999-10[1] – )
Sega (?? – 2015-03[1])
Role(s): Animator, Artist
Twitter: @ashizuka16bit

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Shigemi Ohmori (大森 繁美) is a former animator and effect designer at Sega of Japan.


Shigemi Ohmori began as a freelancer in 1997 before joining Jungle. During this era he worked on character modeling/coloring and 2D background design for various PC and console games.[1]

He joined Sega in 1999, two months before the release of his first project Shenmue He would continue to work with producer Yu Suzuki even after the company Sega-AM2 was split to create the new DigitalRex, as well as its successor AM Plus.[2][3] There seems to have been a period directly after AM Plus' closing, shrouded in mystery, where he worked on puzzle games in Shanghai.[4]

In 2015, at the same time Sega Interactive would have been established, he left Sega to become a representative of Aegis Design until 2018. Concurrently, served as a general development advisor for Aspect.[1] Since 2019 he has been co-representative of Toro Kikaku.[1]

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