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Taku Matsubara
Employment history:
Role(s): Engineer

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Taku Matsubara (松原 拓) is a Japanese engineer and developer. His first known work for Sega is engineering the motor drive circuit used in Space Harrier;[1] following this, he switched to console R&D, and was among the team of seven led by Hideki Sato in the development of the Mega Drive.[2]

His involvement with the Mega Drive subsequently saw him develop the Mega CD and 32X.[2] Matsubara also contributed to Sega's karaoke business, designing aspects of Sega Kara.[1] After work on the Dreamcast GD-ROM drive in 1998, he received credits for Sonic Adventure and Rent A Hero No. 1.

Matsubara has more recently been a representative of TM Appliance.[1]

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