Steve Hanawa

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Steve Hanawa
Employment history:
ASCII (1991 – )
Role(s): Executive, Programmer

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Steve Hanawa is a Japanese-American game designer and programmer. He is a former Sega programmer and executive instrumental in designing and programming several early Sega arcade games. Most notable was Turbo, which hospitalised him for a brief period, but went on to create the third-person racing game genre. He also created other arcade titles at the time, such as Space Odyssey, Monster Bash, and Sindbad Mystery.


Hanawa's paper mache Opa-Opa.

He travelled to America in the mid-1980s and played a key role in establishing Sega of America and bringing the Sega Master System to market. He is also credited for "discovering" Tetris and Columns, prompting Sega of Japan to acquire licenses for these titles in the late 1980s. Hanawa worked in the customer services branch of Sega of America for several years, at one point creating a paper mache model of Opa-Opa which hung from the ceiling[1].

Steve went to work for ASCII in 1991. He now works for DiMAGIC.

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