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Yoot Tower
System(s): Windows PC, Mac OS
Publisher: Sega
Supporting companies:
Genre: Simulation

Number of players: 1
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Windows PC
ESRB: Everyone
ESRB: Everyone

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Yoot Tower,[2] called The Tower II in Japan, is a 1998 business simulation game by OPeNBooK9003 for Windows and Macintosh that was localized for international markets by Sega. The international name comes from Yoot Saito,[3] the name of the game's designer, who would go on to form Vivarium and develop The Tower SP, also localized by Sega.

Press releases suggest it was once known as Yoot's Tower[4].


Yoot Tower is an upgrade over the earlier Sim Tower (The Tower).

In Japan, The Tower II received numerous patches and add-ons which were never brought to the West and most do not function correctly with the Western game. This meant only three scenarios ever existed for Yoot Tower, despite the Macintosh box and manual suggesting more "TowerKits" would be available in the future.

While the PC version's CD is labeled "disc 1", there is no "disc 2". In Japan, several content discs were included in the package.

The Mac OS port is designed for version 7.5 of the operating system.[5]

Production credits

Mac version

  • OPeNBooK9003:
    • Game Design: Yutaka Saito
  • Programming: Yuki Sakai, Tomiya Nakamichi, Norio Morimoto, Minoru Yokosuka, Hisashi Fujii, Kiyoshi Yumisaki (Hand inc.), Syoichi Osoda (Hand inc.), Taku Nakayama (Hand inc.)
  • Graphics: Hayato Hori, Fumio Yamazaki, Hanako Yagi
  • Movies: Takumi Shirakawa (Vacca Mode), Michiko Shirakawa (Vacca Mode), Yukiko Nakamura
  • Sound: Tsueno Kaneda (She-la-la Company Co., Ltd.), Kazushi Takabayashi
  • Product Management: Yasushi Takano, Koji Notsu, Kiharu Shishikura
  • Manual: Kenji Kouki
US manual

Magazine articles

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Physical scans

PC version

YootTower PC US Box Back.jpgNospine.pngYootTower PC US Box Front.jpg
YootTower PC US Disc1.jpg
Disc 1
YootTower PC US RegistrationCard.pdf
Registration card

Mac version

Mac, US
YootTower Mac US Box Back.jpgNospine.pngYootTower Mac US Box Front.jpg
YootTower Mac US Disc.jpg