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OPeNBooK9003 Logo.png
Founded: 1996
Defunct: 2004-10
T-series code: T-240
Merged with: VIVARIUM
Merged into: VIVARIUM Inc.

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OPeNBooK9003 (オープンブック9003) was a Japanese video game company formed in 1996 after a merger[1] between OPeNBook Co., Ltd and 9003 Inc.. It renamed itself Cinomix in 2000. In 2004, the company merged with VIVARIUM and Cinomix defuncted.

OPeNBooK9003 is interesting as it wound up going through a process of "de-merging" in 2000. Former staff of OPeNBook Co., Ltd split from the company to form another company simply known as "OPeNBook". Properties such as The Tower were brought with them, leaving OPeNBook9003 in a similar state to how 9003 was before 1996.

Made worse is Yutaka "Yoot" Saito, the founder of OPeNBook Co., Ltd, who created a second company Vivarium just a few months before the merger. Vivarium inevitably merged with the post-2000 OPeNBook in 2004 and now owns all previous OPeNBook properties. The state of properties owned 9003/Cinomix is unknown.

During its day, OPeNBooK9003 barely produced any games. It continued 9003's Aquazone series of fish tank simulators, and also developed Yoot Tower. 9003's T-Series code was used with OPeNBooK9003-published Sega games, as opposed to OPeNBooK's.



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