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Ken Sugimori
Employment history:
Role(s): Designer, artist, director, executive
Twitter: @SUPER_32X

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Ken Sugimori (杉森 建) is an art director and designer at Game Freak, known for his work on Mendel Palace, Drill Dozer and especially the company's flagship Pokémon franchise. He has also directed the Mega Drive games Magical Taruruto-kun and Pulseman, served as advisor for the Sega-published Tembo the Badass Elephant, created the cover art for the Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives trilogy, and designed the mascot character Peanut for Sakura Wars.

Sugimori is himself an avid Sega fan, naming his twitter handle after the Sega 32X aka Super 32X, and citing his favourite Dreamcast games as being Shenmue and Giant Gram: Zen Nihon Pro Wres 2 in Nihon Budoukan.[1] He also often listen to game soundtracks, including albums released by Wave Master, such as Super 32X 15th Anniversary Album,[2] Shinobi 3D Original Soundtrack,[3] Phantasy Star 1st Series Complete Album[4] and Sega Simulation Best: Advanced Daisenryaku Original Soundtrack.[5]


Love is blind!

Ken Sugimori on his love of Sega[6]

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