Takashi Horiguchi

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Takashi Horiguchi
Employment history:
Role(s): Musician

Takashi Horiguchi (堀口 貴史) is an employee of SIMS who, as part of the joint venture between Sega and Sanritsu, worked mainly on sound porting and composition for Master System titles. He was credited under the alias Fumi.

Horiguchi has since worked with other game companies such as Banpresto and has released a few albums in the last decade.

Production history

  • (; 1992) — Sound[1] (as "Fumi")
  • (; 1992) — Special Thanks to (as Fumi)
  • (; 1992) — Sound Composer (as Fumi)
  • (; 1992) — Voice Cast[2] (as Fumi)
  • (; 1992) — Sound[3] (as Fumi)
  • (; 1993) — Sound (as Fumi)