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Shikanosuke Ochi
Date of birth: 19xx
Date of death: 2015 (age 15-115)
Employment history:
Role(s): Engineer, Director

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Shikanosuke Ochi (鹿之助 越智) was a Japanese engineer and director. Among the first and most crucial head developers employed by Sega in the Sega Production and Engineering Department, he is credited for key design work on patents for many of the company's earliest arcade game machines, dating back to its first ever patent and Periscope during 1966.[1]

Subsequent innovations patented under Ochi's name include the the first game controller with haptic feedback for 1975's Bullet Mark,[2] the first arcade trackball controller for 1977's World Cup,[3] and the memory technique used in the system for the first laserdisc arcade game, 1983's Astron Belt.[4] He was also involved in SubRoc-3D[5] and the 81 TV Game Idea Award competition.[6]

Sometime after the early 1980s, Ochi moved onto work at Tecmo.[7] He passed away in 2015.[8]

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