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Bullet Mark
System(s): Discrete logic arcade
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Shoot-'em-up

Number of players: 2
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (discrete logic)
¥895,000[1] ?
Arcade (discrete logic)
$895[3] ?
Arcade (discrete logic)
€? ?

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Bullet Mark (バレットマーク) is a 1975 discrete logic game by Sega with twin Tommy Guns. It is similar to Sega's earlier 1974 game Balloon Gun, but with a wider variety of targets to shoot. Like Balloon Gun, it was a first-person light-gun shooter with two-player co-op gameplay.

Bullet Mark was Sega's first product to be manufactured in the United States,[6] being built at the Sega of America factory in Redondo Beach, California.[4] In the United States, it sold 10 arcade units in 1975 and 200 arcade units in early 1976, for a total of 210 arcade units sold by early 1976.[7]


The guns have a recoil effect and can be fired as a single shot or in a short burst. Four series of targets appear sequentially on an oversized TV screen: balloons (worth 7 points), tanks (15 points), pirates (30 points) and aircraft (45 points). A perfect score is 979. Game time adjustable from 60 to 140 seconds. When played as a two-player game, a score of 800 (adjustable to 600 depending on the operator) by either player automatically extends the game into an additional balloon series.



990.6 mm (39")
1.219 m (48")
3.226 m (127")

  • Mass: 152kg

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