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Attila Vass
Employment history:
Sega of Japan (1992[1] – 1996[1])
Role(s): Programmer

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Attila Vass was a programmer for Sega between 1993 and 1996. Born, raised and educated in Hungary, he started his career by developing and researching computer algorithms that dealt with computer viruses. In 1991, he went to work at Fyens Stiftstidende in Denmark to move the newspaper's advertising layout-logic over to computers.

During his tenure at SEGA, he worked primarily on Arcade games that heavily relied on simulations, such as sports and racing games. Tasks included creating rudimentary AIs (in assembly), realistic psychics, collision methods, system simulations and camera movement computations.[2] Interesting fact : he was filmed than used as a model for all soccer players, referees for the soccer game The J-League. He also worked on early VR prototypes.

After leaving Sega AM1, he worked at Alias|Wavefront as a software engineer on Maya and PowerAnimator, where he also helped with Sega Saturn developments. 2 years later he joined Sony Computer Entertainment's US R&D Division, where he served for 14 years doing various demos and coordinating library developments for the PlayStation 2, PSP, GScube, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PlayStation 4. He was director of graphics and network R&D for 10 years.

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