David Leytze

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David Leytze
Company(ies): Sega of Japan
Role(s): Composer, Musician
Education: Northwestern University (Music Theory and Composition)[1]

David Leytze (also known as Mandalazu) is a percussionist and instructor based in the Dayton and west-central Ohio region. During the mid '90s he was an affiliated Sega sound composer best known for composing the music for Fighting Vipers. He was also a member of the now defunct B-univ alongside Takenobu Mitsuyoshi and Koichi Namiki.

Leytze has also provided English support for a few of the company's titles, including (but not limited to) character voices. Amongst his oldest works, though, was posing as an Elvis look-alike for a photo shoot for a motorcycle driving game - an incident that later inspired his pen name, Eva Delvis.

He also composed "David Goes to Victory Lane", a self-referential name entry track, for the legendary arcade racing game Daytona USA.

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Other works

  • Untitled SEGA HQ Studio Demo (1994) — Written and Produced (with Koichi Namiki)
  • "Kohaku" (1995) — Rhythm tracks (with Aki Hata)
  • "Ano Tokimeki o" (feat. Kyan Marie) (1996)

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