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Cool Riders
System(s): Sega H1 Board
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (H1 Board)
$? ?
Arcade (H1 Board)
£? ?
Arcade (H1 Board)
¥? ?

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Cool Riders (クールライダーズ) is an arcade racing motorbike game released by Sega in 1995. It is one of the last Sega arcade games to utilise Super Scaler technology, running on specialised hardware presumably extended from the Sega System 32 architecture.

Released at a time where Sega were pushing their Sega Model 2 arcade board, Cool Riders is considered to be an odd release, being difficult to find and taking many years to emulate due to its unorthodox graphics compression schemes. It also borrows vast chunks of its assets (including gameplay style) from Outrunners, though offers a number of differences such as an increased screen resolution and digitised pre-rendered graphics similar to Mortal Kombat (or later Road Rash games).

Cool Riders has to date never been ported to any home systems, and was not released in Europe.



Big Boss
Dr. Vincent
David & Sharlie
John Doe


Cabinet design

Cool Riders was only sold as a twin-style cabinet (with the ability to link up to four cabinets together), though the styles differ between Japan and North America. Though both have you control vehicles via makeshift handlebars, the Japanese cabinet unusually has seats more suited to cars, while the North American variant opts for seats moulded like motorbikes. Perhaps unusually, this is a simpler (or "less realistic") system than the cabinets used with the earlier Hang-On or Manx TT Super Bike released later in 1995 - in Cool Riders, the seats are rigid and offer no type of force feedback.

Production credits

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Magazine articles

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Promotional material

CoolRiders Arcade US Flyer.pdf

Arcade US flyer
CoolRiders Arcade US Flyer.pdf
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Arcade JP flyer
CoolRiders Arcade JP Flyer.jpg

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Cool Riders

Arcade, US
CoolRiders Arcade US Manual.pdf
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Wiring diagram
Arcade, JP

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