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Rikiya Nakagawa
Place of birth: 1959-10-24[1][2]
Employment history:
Sammy (2004-01-01[5] – )
Role(s): Programmer, Producer, Executive
Education: Tokai University[6]

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Rikiya Nakagawa (中川 力也) is the former head of Sega AM1 and WOW Entertainment. After graduating university, he joined Sega in 1983 as a programmer, with his with first game being Water Match[6] He remained a programmer until 1993, with his last known programming work being Air Rescue[7]. He was the producer of many of the division's titles, including the Dynamite Deka and The House of the Dead series.

On January 1st 2004, after 20 years of being employed at Sega, he moved to Sammy to be the head of their NEWS R&D Department.[8][4] After leaving Sega-Sammy Group, Nakagawa became the President of the Paon, a video game development company.[9]

Based on his known works, he may used the names DAI and/or D&K (short for DAI & KEN[10]) in high score tables. During his programming days, he worked on 2 games which were cancelled, one between Ninja Princess and Alien Syndrome, the other between Thunder Blade and Sega Super Circuit[7].

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