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The Ocean Hunter
System(s): Sega Model 3 Step 2.1
Publisher: Sega
Distributor: Deith Leisure (UK)[2]
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The Ocean Hunter (オーシャンハンター), also known as The Ocean Hunter: The Seven Seas Adventure, is a light gun/rail-shooter arcade game developed by Sega AM1. It was released in Japan in September 1998, and saw a worldwide release the next month.


The Seven Seas spread throughout the world. It is said that there is a monster for each of these seven seas. Ships are being attacked one after another. Sharks gather around monsters seeking human flesh. The ocean is not only a place of blessing but a place of terror. Defeat the violent gigantic monsters of the seven seas. An enormous bounty has been set for their heads. Brave youth go out to face the monsters.

Set in an alternate steampunk world, a new civilization is flourishing in the seas. However, the sudden appearance of the Seven Great Monsters, accompanied by a number of lesser sea monsters and ordinary marine predators, have ravaged much of this newly-flourished civilization and, in addition, attacked the native marine life with increasing frequency. Frightened for their lives, humanity issues bounties on the monsters' heads as well secondary bounties on the minor sea monsters.

The game follows two young underwater adventurers, Torel (Player 1) and Chris (player 2), as they head out to defeat the Seven Great Monsters of the Seven Seas.


The Ocean Hunter is played by using two mounted turret-like Shock Guns on the arcade cabinet, which vibrate when "shot" to provide a feeling of realism. The game is capable of being played with either one or two people simultaneously. During the game, the players use the Shock Guns to aim at and shoot enemies while automatically traveling through the level on underwater scooters.

The game is divided into seven stages. Each stage has its own enemies, sub boss(es) and a Great Monster boss to defeat at the end, all of which are usually based off of real-life marine animals. During the boss fights, there will be specific weak point(s) highlighted for the player to target. Firing upon these points three times defeats the boss and allows the player to advance to the next level.

The player has a life meter consisting of 3 Life Points which decreases by either taking damage from enemies or by firing at friendly NPC divers, regardless of situation. Health can only be restored by obtaining health units from rescuing other divers.

There are treasure chests throughout each stage that award bonus points if fired at.


Baroque Sea

On the in-game map, this is in the East Pacific Ocean. Kraken is said to dwell within a sunken ship somewhere on the floor of this shallow, colorful reef.


  • Shortfin mako shark
  • Orange sea snake
  • Great barracuda

Mid-level Boss

  • White Death
A great white shark seen chasing a diver a few moments after the stage begins. The adventurers have only a very short time to save the diver before he is killed.
  • Sea Dragon
A reptilian creature that is encountered if the diver being chased by White Death is rescued.
  • Sea serpent
A large, underwater snake that inhabits the same shipwreck as Kraken.


  • Kraken
A huge octopus, known for crushing ships in its powerful tentacles. Current records indicate that Kraken has attacked 4 ships and killed 185 people so far. The bounty on the capture or death of this sea monster is 5,000 G.

Luna Sea

On the in-game map, this is the Indian Ocean, specifically the Arabian Sea. Rumors say that Leviathan can be found at the underwater ruins of an ancient city.


  • Hammerhead shark
  • Shortfin mako shark
  • Stingray

Mid-level Boss

  • Hydra
Three moray eels that lunge out of their caves to attack their prey.


  • Leviathan
A huge megalodon that has rammed ships to pieces and swallowed fleeing divers whole. As of now, Leviathan has a record of sinking 11 ships and 364 deaths. The bounty on the capture or death of this massive shark is 8,000 G.

Tartarus Deep

On the in-game map, this is the North Atlantic Ocean, somewhere within the area around Bermuda. Charybdis could be encountered within the caves located in the deepest part of this ocean.


  • Gulper eel
  • Lanternfish

Mid-level Bosses

  • Scylla
A giant squid colored a deep, shimmering purple that attacks those who approach Charybdis' territory.
  • Naga
A monstrously long giant oarfish that dwells within Charybdis' caves.


  • Charybdis
A huge anglerfish that has raided submarines along the so-called Depro sea route, of which two were sunk, and disrupted deep sea operations. The bounty on the capture or death of this creature is 10,000 G.

Texcoco Great Lake

On the in-game map, this is a fictional lake within the Amazon River basin. Ahuizotl could be found anywhere within this lake.


  • Red-bellied piranha
  • Garpike


  • Ahuizotl
A plesiosaur whose attacks target lakeside settlements. So far, Ahuizotl has raided two towns and killed eighteen people, of which six were eaten. The bounty on the capture or death of this marine reptile is 12,000 G.

North Sea

On the in-game map, this is the Arctic Ocean, and home to the fifth Great Monster, Karkinos. The whale population of this ocean has been steadily decreasing since Karkinos' appearance.


  • Lamprey
  • Jellyfish

Mid-level Boss

  • Medusa
A giant lion's mane jellyfish that is accompanied by a large swarm of its offspring, which are the size of normal jellyfish.


  • Karkinos
Named after the zodiac constellation of Cancer, Karkinos is a massive crab that has killed off nearly the entire whale population in the North Sea, along with fifteen divers who were investigating the incident. The bounty on the capture or death of this monstrous crustacean is 15,000 G.

West Ocean

On the in-game map, this is the South Atlantic Ocean. Most of the creatures encountered here are of prehistoric species thought to be long extinct.


  • Mosasaurus
  • Dunkleosteus
  • Pterygotus
  • Parasites (within Midgardsorm):
    • Anomalocaris
    • Odontogriphus
    • Opabinia

Mid-level Boss

  • Basilosaurus
One of the largest prehistoric marine mammals. It is the only sub boss that is not named after a mythical creature, instead being based on an extinct species of whale.


  • Midgarsorm
The only known existing specimen of a fictional species of giant earthworm that is wanted for the mysterious disappearances of numerous ships. It has been said to have swallowed over a thousand marine vessels, including ships and submarines, since antiquity. The bounty on the capture or death of this legendary creature is 18,000 G.

Panthalassa, the Sea of Evil

On the in-game map, this is in the Mediterranean Sea. Panthalassa is the last of the Seven Seas, and contains many sea monsters as well as the ruins of Poseidon's temple. A thunderstorm rages in this dark, deep, bleak level.

Mid-level Bosses

  • Cerberus
Three large sharks similar to, but not as large as, White Death.
  • Umibōzu
A very large and surprisingly cunning octopus with the ability to camouflage itself.
  • Black Dragon
A black-skinned version of the Sea Dragon encountered in the Baroque Sea.
  • Vritra & Kaliya
A pair of giant oarfish that are seemingly much quicker than Naga.


  • Rahab
A fictional aquatic subspecies of the prehistoric ape Gigantopithecus, with the given scientific name of Gigantopithecus thalassa cyclops. There are no records of the number of casualties he has caused, but the local authorities have endlessly speculated on this creature's true identity and species. The bounty on the capture or death of this chaotic and mysterious creature is 20,000 G.

When encountered, Rahab takes on three separate forms altogether. The first is Dagon, a giant ape-like humanoid with blue eyes and enormous limbs that usually walks on all fours. The second form is Poseidon, a tall, upright giant humanoid with blue eyes and pointed ears that attacks by emitting spheres of energy. He carries a large rusty trident. The third and true form is the demonic Rahab, a giant humanoid whose legs are fused into a tail, with sharp teeth, sharp claws on his hands, and long, flowing fins along his back. He has three red eyes, with one of them at the center of his forehead.


After Rahab is defeated, the monster reveals himself to be the deity who had taken care of the sea and its denizens for countless millennia. At some point in time, Rahab fell into a slumber that lasted for many centuries until he was awakened by the predations of humanity upon the sea. Angered by humanity's pride and disregard for ocean life, Rahab created the other Great Monsters of the Seven Seas (except for Midgardsorm) and deliberately caused natural marine disasters in an effort to humble humanity. After his story, Rahab admits defeat but speaks his final words - "All shall return to Chaos."

The game ends with a slideshow of game sketches as the end credits roll.

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