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Emergency Call Ambulance
System(s): Sega Model 3 Step 2.1
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Action, Driving, Simulation

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Model 3)
¥? ?
Arcade (Model 3)
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Emergency Call Ambulance (救急車 Emergency Call Ambulance) is a sit-down arcade game released for Sega Model 3 hardware in 1999. It was released as both a dedicated cabinet and as a ROM conversion kit for Daytona USA 2 units. Players assume the role of an ambulance driver in the city of Chicago, and are tasked with delivering patients to the hospital. Emergency Call Ambulance is known for being an extremely difficult game because the player must get to the hospital both quickly and without crashing, despite the dangerous routes that must be taken.


As with many Sega driving simulators, players first choose between automatic or manual transmission. An onscreen HUD displays the heart rate, blood pressure, and current visual state of the patient, as well as the patient's "Health Point Indicator". The Health Point Indicator decreases steadily over time, and decreases drastically if the ambulance crashes or takes too much damage. If the indicator reaches zero, the player immediately loses the game. Other on-screen indicators display the current speed of the vehicle, as well as the distance (in meters) to the hospital. Points are awarded at the end of each level based on time remaining and damage taken. Five additional bonuses can be earned: "Brave", "Stable", "Special", "Secret" and "No Damage".

Throughout the course of the game, the player must save four different patients over the course of one day (levels take place during the day, evening, and nighttime respectively). Each new case is introduced with a cutscene explaining the incident leading to the patient's injuries (cutscenes can be skipped by pressing the start button). The player must follow arrows and other visual cues (i.e. "Turn left here!") in order to find the hospital. The game leads players through hairpin turns, narrow alleys, and even oncoming traffic in order to arrive on time.

First Case: Traffic Accident

The player is called to Cermak Street to rescue a 10-year-old boy named Jack, who is seriously injured after the car he is riding in has a head-on collision with a tractor trailer. He is complaining of stomach pain and has other serious injuries. After driving through the central city and arriving safely at the hospital, the player is thanked (via subtitles) by Jack's loyal dog.

Second Case: Street Battle

Edward, a 35-year-old police officer, has been wounded in a standoff with a heavily-armed gang at the County Center parking lot. He has severe burns and fractures, and is losing blood quickly. The player must quickly exit the parking garage and drive through the city to reach the hospital, while dodging car chases between police cruisers and gang vehicles. The gangs will set objects on fire, and police cars will drive out from behind corners at breakneck speeds, making this level very difficult to complete. If the player delivers Edward to the hospital successfully, his life has been saved.

Third Case: Fire

A large fire has broken out at the Flamingo Hotel. Firefighters have rescued Kate, a 22-year-old pregnant woman, from the burning wreckage. Just then, Kate goes into labor, and the player must drive her to the hospital immediately. Along the way, the player must dodge oncoming firetrucks, avoid burning buildings, and not get hit by fiery truck crashes. After the patient is safely transported to the hospital, the sound of a crying newborn baby is heard, implying that Kate has safely given birth.

Last Case: Plane Crash

A presidential plane has crashed into Lake Michigan from 1300 feet after being struck by lightning. 48-year-old President Gregorio Tavaresky, and his wife, Gloria, were in the accident. Gloria survived the incident unharmed, but the President has sustained numerous injuries and is complaining of chest pain. Paramedics on the scene determine that his injuries cannot be treated at the city hospital, and therefore direct the player to rush him to a nearby rendezvous point, where a helicopter is waiting to transfer the patient to the better-equipped Lakeside General military hospital. For this case, the player must follow the police escort provided, while driving on slippery, rain-slicked roads and dodging falling buildings, explosions, and missiles. The journey to the rendezvous point is much longer than previous ones, but the same amount of time is provided, meaning that a single mistake is fatal. If the President is delivered safely on time, he is seen waving to the player as his stretcher is loaded into the helicopter.

If the player successfully completes all scenarios, a final cutscene plays. Three months later, the President has made a full recovery, and has invited the Chicago paramedics that saved his life to a special ceremony in his palace, where they are awarded medals for their heroism. The other patients that were rescued during the game are also in attendance, and each thanks the player for saving their life. Jack, the young boy, is there with his parents, and tells the paramedics that he "wants to become just like them when he grows up". Kate and her husband, along with their three newborn triplets, thank the player as well. In the end, everyone gets their photo taken with the President.

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Emergency Call Ambulance

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