Toshinori Asai

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Toshinori Asai
Place of birth: Okazaki, Aichi, Japan[1]
Employment history:
Sammy Networks (2012-06[8] – )
Tecotec (2019-07-01[9] – )
Role(s): Programmer, Producer
Education: Nagoya University (1984)[8]

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Toshinori Asai (浅井 敏典) is a producer and former programmer at Sega. He also wrote the lyrics to the Alex Kidd main theme which were included in Sega Game Music Vol. 1 (being credited in Sega Sound Unit [H.] 1st Album for being used in Alex Kidd no Uta[10]).

Asai is a known fan of basketball[11], hence some of his aliases using the word dunk, as in a slam dunk.

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