Sega Sound Unit (H.) 1st Album

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Sega Sound Unit (H.) 1st Album
Record label:
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥3,000 (3,150)[1] WM-0669
¥1,800[2] ?
¥1,800[3] ?
$9.99[4] ?
£7.99[5] ?
€8.99[6] ?

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Sega Sound Unit [H.] 1st Album is an album containing Sega music performed by [H.].

The album was made available as a digital download on iTunes and Amazon, with individual tracks costing ¥150, US$0.99, £0.79 or €0.99.

Track list

1. [H.] De Hayashi Kensaku Mad Version ([H.] 10 Shuunen Kinen De Hayashi) (1:35)
JP: [H.] 出囃子 Kensaku Mad Version([H.]10周年記念出囃子)
EN: [H.] Band Introduction Kensaku Mad Version ([H.] 10th Anniversary Band Introduction)

2. After Burner -[H.] Live Studio Edition Ver.- (5:00)
From: After Burner

3. In the Blue Sky -[H.] Arrange Ver.- (3:00)
From: Cyber Troopers Virtual-On

4. Fantasy Zone Medley -2008 Ver.- (11:55)
JP: Fantasy Zoneメドレー -2008 Ver.-
From: Fantasy Zone

5. Mobatte Masu ka ~っ(^o^)丿 -Hiro Remix Ver.- ("Sega Moba" Main Theme Song) (4:20)
JP: モバってますか~っ(^o^)丿 -Hiro Remix Ver.-(「セガモバ」メインテーマソング)

6. Light Song -Arrange Version 2009- (4:14)
From: Vermillion

7. Kamuro Setsugekka -[H.] Tokubetsu Version- (2:51)
JP: 神室雪月花 -[H.]特別バージョン-
EN: Kamuro Setsugekka -[H.] Special Version-
From: Yakuza 2

8. Thank You! Zunoland (3:46)
JP: サンキュ!ズノーランド
From: Touch de Zuno! DS

9. Last Wave -[H.] Vocal Ver.- (5:26)
From: OutRun

10. 515 Hours (4:01)
From: Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force

11. Answer Answer (4:06)
From: Network Taisen Quiz Answer X Answer

12. Alex Kidd no Uta (3:43)
JP: アレックスキッドのうた
EN: Alex Kidd Song
From: Alex Kidd in Miracle World

13. Primitive Jam (3:05)
From: Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force

14. Quartet Medley 2005 (6:59)
JP: QUARTET メドレー 2005
From: Quartet

15. Burning Hearts ~Honoo no Angel~ (3:58)
JP: Burning Hearts ~炎のANGEL~
EN: Burning Hearts ~Burning Angel~
From: Burning Rangers

16. Ai ga Tarinaize (4:25)
JP: 愛がたりないぜ
EN: Love is Not Enough
From: Virtua Fighter anime
Running time: 72:24

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