Taira Nakamura

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Taira Nakamura
Employment history:
Smilebit (2003[1][2] – )
Bandai[4] (2008-06[1] – 2012-08[1])
Sega Games (2012[1] – 2020-04)
mixi (2020-04[1] – )
Sega (2020-10[1] – )
Role(s): Designer, Producer, Manager
Education: Hosei University (Business administration, 1998-2002)[1]

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Taira Nakamura (中村 泰良) is manager at Sega of Japan. He has been involved as a designer and producer of a variety of soccer games, from Sega's own Let's Make Soccer/Saka Tsuku series to Bandai's Owners League. He has also worked on many mobile games, such as the successful Kyoutou Kotoba RPG Kotodaman, both at Sega and its later publisher mixi.


As a new university graduate, Taira Nakamura joined Sega in 2003, most likely the Smilebit subsidiary at the time, and began designing sports game such as in the Let's Make Soccer/Saka Tsuku series.[2][1] He left Sega in 2008 (then part of Sega Sports Design R&D Dept.[3]) to work at Bandai, where he designed and produced the Owners League line of trading cards.[1]

He rejoined Sega in 2012 under Sega Networks and produced Saka Tsuku Shoot!, Monster Gear and Kyoutou Kotoba RPG Kotodaman. Kotodaman became his biggest success, and he transferred from Sega Games to mixi after ownership of the game changed hands.[5]

He returned to Sega again in 2022 as a manager.[1]

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