Mizuki Hosoyamada

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Mizuki Hosoyamada
Place of birth: Kagoshima prefecture, Japan
Date of birth: 1977-07-16 (age 43)
Company(ies): Sega of Japan
Role(s): Designer, Director, Producer

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Mizuki Hosoyamada (細山田 水紀) is a Sonic Team employee who worked on their games as early as 2003. Joining Sega in 2002, he started out on the Sonic series and slowly made his way into Puyo Puyo series in 2006 as a director. After Takashi Yuda would produce Sonic Riders, Hosoyamada would become a producer on the Puyo Puyo series, starting with the Wii version of the 15th anniversary. Afterwards, he eventually became the main person behind the Puyo Puyo series.

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