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Puyo Puyo Champions
System(s): PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Steam
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Puzzle

Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code
Sony PlayStation 4
¥1,990 (2,149)1990e[1]
Sony PlayStation 4
¥1,851 (1,999)1999i[2] CUSA-13347
Sony PlayStation 4
$9.999.99[6] CUSA-14529
ESRB: Everyone
Sony PlayStation 4
€9.999.99[7] CUSA-14539
PEGI: 3+
Sony PlayStation 4
€9.999.99[8] CUSA-14539
USK: 0
Sony PlayStation 4
£7.997.99[9] CUSA-14539
PEGI: 3+
Sony PlayStation 4
$14.9514.95[10] CUSA-14539
Sony PlayStation 4
₩19,80019,800[5] CUSA-13347
GRB: All
Sony PlayStation 4
GSRR: 0+
Sony PlayStation 4
NT$590590[4] CUSA-13347
GSRR: 0+
Nintendo Switch
¥1,990 (2,149)1990e[1]
Nintendo Switch
¥1,851 (1,999)1999i[11]
Nintendo Switch
ESRB: Everyone
Nintendo Switch
PEGI: 3+
Nintendo Switch
USK: 0
Nintendo Switch
PEGI: 3+
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch
GRB: All
Xbox One
ESRB: Everyone
Xbox One
PEGI: 3+
Xbox One
USK: 0
Xbox One
PEGI: 3+
Xbox One
¥1,019 (1,100)1,100i[1] 971620
$9.999.99[26] 971620
ESRB: Everyone
€9.999.99[27] 971620
PEGI: 3+
£7.997.99[28] 971620
PEGI: 3+
$14.9514.95[29] 971620

Puyo Puyo Champions, known as Puyo Puyo eSports (ぷよぷよeスポーツ) in Japan and Asian territories, is a version of Puyo Puyo designed specifically for the competitive "eSports" scene. The game was first released digitally for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea in October 2018 with physical releases announced later in June 2019. An international release in May was later announced in April, including releases on the Xbox One and Steam.


Puyo Puyo Champions offers two gameplay styles from past Puyo Puyo titles. These include the Puyo Puyo 2 style, which uses the offsetting, margin time, double rotation, and All Clear from that game, and the Puyo Puyo Fever style, which gives every character their own dropset and allows players to enter Fever after offsetting 7 times.

For multiplayer options, up to four players can compete against each other at once, or up to eight players can compete in 1-on-1 elimination-style tournaments. Players can even compete with friends or other players across the globe online, in Free Play matches where wins and losses do not affect the player's records, or the Puyo Puyo League where the player can rise and fall in the league based on their wins and losses. Replays of matches are automatically saved (though this can be turned off in the settings) and can be uploaded online for others to watch.

In terms of single-player content, the player can compete against up to three CPU players at once in Battle, or battle against consecutive CPU opponents until they lose in Endurance. There is no single player story campaign in this game.


There are 24 characters to choose from, each with their own dropsets and AI skill levels, and all of them are available from the beginning.

PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Arle.png
A girl from an alternate world full of Puyos. A bright and energetic young magician who loves adventure.
  • Fever play style: Uses Small Chains!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Amitie.png
A student of Primp Magic School. Kind of a klutz, but she stays positive! Dreams of becoming a great magician.
  • Fever play style: Strongly Balanced!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Ringo.png
A middle-schooler from Suzuran Shopping District. Smart, curious, and loves a good puzzle... but she's terrified of ghosts.
  • Fever play style: Reverses Fever!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Hed.png
The vocalist of a five-man demon rock band. The group's fearless frontman. Has serious skills to back up his huge ego.
  • Fever play style: Reverses Fever!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Sultana.png
A demon sealed in a magical amethyst headdress. She has trouble acting natural--everyone expects queenly dignity from her.
  • Fever play style: Aims for Fever!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Schezo.png
A dark mage who seeks power. Opposes Arle, wielding a sword of darkness. Infamous for poor choice of words.
  • Fever play style: Aims for Big Chains!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Sig.png
A spacey student of Primp Magic School. His left eye and hand have turned red, but he's cool with it. Loves bugs.
  • Fever play style: Reverses Fever!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Maguro.png
Ringo's childhood friend and eldest son of a fishmonger. Has many skills and interests, including kendama, games, and cooking.
  • Fever play style: Attacks Fast!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Ciel.png
The treasurer of the School of Light's student council. Precise, mathematical, and she's awfully strict about everything.
  • Fever play style: Aims for Big Chains!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Penglai.png
Half-dragon, half-human. His dance can mesmerize an audience, but it also lets him dodge attacks with grace.
  • Fever play style: Uses Small Chains!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Rulue.png
A sexy martial arts queen. Can't use magic, but she holds her own on strength alone. Seeks the affection of the Dark Prince.
  • Fever play style: Big Chains or Nothing!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Raffina.png
A student of Primp Magic School. Trains hard every day, seeking victory and beauty. Her confidence comes from diligence.
  • Fever play style: Big Chains or Nothing!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Suketoudara.png
A large fish with arms and legs. Slick moves and cool grooves, 24-7. A little over the top, but you know you love it.
  • Fever play style: Reverses Fever!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Ally.png
A girl of a world apart from Pwurp Island or Primp Town. A self-proclaimed adventurer who believes in the power of love.
  • Fever play style: Uses Small Chains!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Ragnus.png
An otherworldly hero who's been turned into a child. Upright, valiant, and reliable, but acts like a kid at crucial moments.
  • Fever play style: Attacks Fast!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Risukuma.png
A squirrel/bear/upperclassman known for bizarre experiments. His flask apparently contains love, science, and puyo?
  • Fever play style: Aims for Fever!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Draco.png
Draco Centauros
Half-human, half-dragon. Wants to be in a beauty pageant. Ends up in a lot of futile shenanigans, but she doesn't mind.
  • Fever play style: Uses Small Chains!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Witch.png
A mage who rides a broomstick. Prideful and outspoken, she studies potion-brewing in hopes of becoming a fully fledged witch.
  • Fever play style: Reverses Fever!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Harpy.png
A winged girl. Loves to sing, but she's pretty terrible. Her song can silence any quarrel... one way or another.
  • Fever play style: Reverses Fever!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Serilly.png
A very shy and timid mermaid. She doesn't like being alone, though, so she's looking for someone to be her friend.
  • Fever play style: Reverses Fever!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Carbuncle.png
A strange creature found at Arle's side. If it gets too hungry, it'll try to eat everything it sees, so be careful.
  • Fever play style: Big Chains or Nothing!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Satan.png
Satan / Dark Prince
Creator of the Puyo Underworld. He wields diabolical power, but mostly for trivial purposes--leaving chaos in his wake.
  • Fever play style: Uses Small Chains!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Hartmann.png
A knight that maintains order in heaven. Keeps his distance from others and doesn't like talking about himself.
  • Fever play style: Strongly Balanced!
PuyoPuyoChampions Icon Alex.png
A warrior wielding the holy sword Archrage. Nobody knows where she came from, but rumors say she's a foreign princess.
  • Fever play style: Aims for Big Chains!


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Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English Puyo Puyo Champions Puyo Puyo Champions
Japanese ぷよぷよテトリス Puyo Puyo eSports
Korean 뿌요뿌요 e스포츠 Puyo Puyo eSports
Chinese (Traditional; Taiwan) 魔法氣泡eSports Mófǎ Qìpào eSports

Version history

Main article: Puyo Puyo Champions/Changelog.
System Version Size Date Comment Ref Icon
201909062019-09-06 [30]

Production credits

Puyo Puyo eSports Arrange Tracks Recording Staff
  • Guitars & Programming: Jun Senoue
  • Guitar Solo: Takayoshi Ohmura
  • Bass: IKUO
  • Drums: Act.
  • Recording Engineer: Yoshitada Miya
  • Session Coordinator: Tomomi Kagaya (MT Globe Co.,Ltd.)
SEGA of America, INC.
  • CEO: Tatsuyuki Miyazaki
  • President & COO: Ian Curran
  • EVP of Publishing and Strategy: Hitoshi Okuno
  • SVP of Publishing: Mitsuhiro Tanaka
  • Senior Director of Corporate Planning: Kenya Numata
  • Publishing Manager: James Low
  • Forecasting & Research Analyst: Jiyang Xie
  • Financial Analyst: Sawako Yamaji
  • Business Planning Analyst: Yuko Shimura
  • VP of Production: Bill Alexander
  • Director of Production: Samuel G. Mullen
  • Project Coordinator: Richard Rodrigues
  • Translators: Shungo Imai, Yosuke Osakabe, Ryan Sugo
  • Editor: John Moralis
  • Sr. Manager, QA & Dev Support: Carl Chen
  • Assistant QA Manager: Scott Williams
  • Submissions Specialist: Justin HQ Phan
  • QA Lead: Richard Rodrigues
  • QA Compliance Specialist: Rob Stone
  • QA Testers: Dhani Hua, Johnny Huynh, John Nieroski, Lyvon Phan Tran, Alli Watts
  • Director of Marketing: Robyn Mukai Koshi
  • Senior Marketing Manager: Sakura Minamida Harris
  • Product Marketing Manager: Melissa Smith
  • Associate Product Marketing Manager: Sara Chan, Mathew Roniss
  • Production Marketing Specialist: Becky Li
  • Senior PR Manager: Jacob Nahin
  • Associate PR Manager: Jonathon Stebel
  • PR Specialist: Zack Reese
  • Traffic Manager: Ann Namie
  • Traffic Specialist: Kenichi Linus Morita
  • Manager of Creative Services: Ayami Haruno
  • Graphic Designer: Amy Shimoshige
  • Production Artists: James Ferrell II, Rod Raymundo
  • Senior Web Developer: James Kaneshiro
  • Web Developer: Erik Nuber
  • Web Designer: Ben Schilling
  • Senior Media Producer: John Tubera
  • Media Producer: Alex Limon
  • Media Associate: Jerry Yongjin Song
  • VP of Sales: Tim Pivnicny
  • Senior Manager, Sales Operations & Administration: Nate Harris
  • Sales Manager: Danny Miscevich
  • Digital Promotions Manager: Michael Manzanares
  • Sales Administrators: Connie Chinn, Leary Salupen
  • Digital Operations Specialist: Lauren Welch
  • Special Thanks: Jon Riesenbach, Dan Sunstrum, Additional Language Localization Provided by Keywords Studios
  • Marketing Project Manager: Masaya Santo
  • Sales Promotion: Koji Uemura, Yuko Yasuda
  • eSports Promotion: Yasuhiro Nishiyama, Koji Murayama
  • Supervisors: Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Takayoshi Ohuchi
  • Publicity: Akane Inoue, Sawako Kanbe, Teruyuki Kaida, Jun Takemura
  • Event Staff: Kousuke Honma, Toshiaki Tamesue, Hiroshi Yamazaki, Ruiko Miyamoto, Daisuke Matsunaga, Ikuo Ishizaka
  • Public Relations: Tetsuo Sasaki, Yoko Fukada
  • Sales Planning: Yasunobu Masahiro, Eishin Miura
  • Movie Production Promotion: Avex Management Inc., Atsuki Ichikawa, Kotaro Hara (Ginger Inc.)
  • Special Thanks:
    • TOKYU Agency Inc.: Nobuya Sakata, Akiyoshi Sato
    • WRIGHT SP Co., Ltd.: Tomohito Nagao, Masatoshi Tatsuyama
    • DENBAK-FANO DESIGN Co., Ltd.: Kazuhisa Matsumoto, Otsuka Kenji
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    • HVD Fonts
  • Asia Business Dept.: Go Saito, Shintaro Tanioka, Takeyuki Iso, Ryuta Sakamoto, Takuji Konuma, Kou Mayumi, Shusaku Itaya
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  • Software Manual Production: Yoshihiro Sakuta, Yoichi Takahashi, Hiroki Osawa, Minako Toda
  • Product Testers: Akira Nishikawa, Osamu Sato, Tomoki Matsuura, Koji Yamashita, Yoshiaki Yamazaki, Atsushi Furukawa, Daichi Sasaki, Kazuya Miyazaki, Akira Shige, Yuki Sano, Takaaki Sudo, Daijiro Tsukahara, Tomonari Yauchi, Takayuki Miyazaki
  • Quality Assurance Dept.: Tomoki Kaji, Kazuhiko Morii, Yuji Nakamura, Shunya Shimizu
  • Pole To Win Korea Co.,Ltd.: Tae-Ho Jeong, Yoo-sung Yun, Dae-Sung Kim, Seok-Hee Jeon, Sae-Byul Park, Min-Jae Kang, Su-Jeong Lee, Yeon-Sun Yang, Ji-Won Han
  • Pole To Win Singapore Pte. Ltd., Taiwan Branch: Yi Chun Lien, Tanya Tan
  • SEGA AMUSEMENTS TAIWAN LTD.: Chihyu Chang, Yihuei Chien, Jianchih Liou, Hiroki Ohta, Nina Lin, Jayvee Lin, Chunhah Chang, Max Hsu, Wayne Li
  • Chief Producers: Osamu Ohashi, Eigo Kasahara
  • Executive Producers: Haruki Satomi, Kenji Matsubara, Toshihiro Nagoshi
  • Special Thanks To: All staff members and their families
In-game credits

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