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Nazo Puyo Arle no Roux
System(s): Sega Game Gear, Virtual Console
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Puzzle[2][3]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Game Gear
¥3,8003,800 G-3357
Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
¥381 (400)381 (400)[4]

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Nazo Puyo Arle no Roux (なぞぷよ アルルのルー) is a puzzle game developed by Compile for the Sega Game Gear and released exclusively in Japan in 1994. Despite being the third game in the Nazo Puyo subseries, it is drastically different from the previous games, taking a combined RPG/puzzle approach to its (now existent) storyline. This game would itself receive two sequels, both on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super Nazo Puyo: Rulue no Roux, combining a retooled version of this game with a new story mode focusing on Rulue, and Super Nazo Puyo Tsu: Rulue no Tetsuwan Hanjouki, a new game focusing exclusively on Rulue.


There are two game modes: Nazo Puyo, which is the main game, and Toko Puyo, which is merely an endless mode as in Puyo Puyo.

Nazo Puyo

The story is simple: Arle Nadja wants to make rice for dinner and decides to go to town to get the ingredients; the townsfolk will only give her the ingredients if she completes Nazo Puyo challenges.

Arle travels around the town, talking to people on the street who put her in Nazo Puyo matches. Simply use the D-pad to move and 1 to talk.

In a Nazo Puyo match, you must complete the mission with no more than the beans provided — the top of the screen either shows you a list of available puyo or one puyo that will be repeated a given number of times.  START  allows you either to retry the mission or give up. Otherwise, controls are the same as in Puyo Puyo.

The RPG part comes in that Madou Monogatari's health system is applied to the missions. Arle's health isn't shown numerically, but rather must be guessed through Arle's facial expression on the right side of the screen. Failing a mission lowers Arle's health. The game ends when Arle "dies." Each completed mission will add a bunch of jewels to spaces on the screen; filling all the spaces will level you up, restoring health. Health is also restored after completing all of one person's missions.

Toko Puyo

Toko Puyo is the Endless mode of Puyo Puyo, with two main differences:

  • Nuisance will fall at random in random amounts; likely depending on your performance.
  • As in the Madou Monogatari RPGs, jewels will appear in spaces around the screen depending on how many rensa you get; filling all the spaces with jewels will level you up, making the puyo fall faster.



The game was later re-released as one of the four games pre-installed on the yellow model Game Gear Micro.

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Nazo Puyo Arle no Roux

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Sega Game Gear
CRC32 54ab42a4
MD5 d207c9aca1cc848c363b9f367dd9df3b
SHA-1 20308b7389a9e860697a66510d4925d1af3b769a
256kB Cartridge (JP)
Sega Game Gear
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SHA-1 23d51aa54d04a145a9df457135b088eef359d46a
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Nazo Puyo Arle no Roux

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