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This is the Game Boy Advance Puyo Pop. For other uses, see Puyo Pop.


PuyoPop GBATitleScreen.png
Minna de Puyo Puyo/Puyo Pop
System(s): Game Boy Advance
Publisher: Sega (Japan, Europe), THQ (US)
Distributor: Infogrames (Europe)
Peripherals supported: Game Link Cable
Genre: Puzzle

Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code
Game Boy Advance
¥4,800 (5,040) AGB-P-APYJ
Game Boy Advance
¥3,800 (3,990) AGB-P-APYJ
CERO: Free
Game Boy Advance
ESRB: Everyone
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance
USK: 0
Game Boy Advance
£34.99 AGB-P-APYP

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Puyo Pop, known as Minna de Puyo Puyo (みんなでぷよぷよ) in Japan, is the first Puyo Puyo game developed by Sega after a failing Compile sold the franchise to them. It was released in Japan for the Game Boy Advance in 2001 (a few days shy of the series's 10th anniversary). The game featured an imperfect English translation which would be perfected, translated further to other languages, and released internationally as Puyo Pop several months later. It would be the last Puyo Puyo game to use Compile's existing characters, characterizations, and appearances (despite having a different art style); Sonic Team revamped the entire franchise with Puyo Pop Fever.


Arle and Carbuncle are wandering around when Carbuncle eats something. Arle forces him to spit it out, and notices it's a piece of a "rune". Suddenly a welcome sign materializes, and Carbuncle chases after it, leaving Arle to have to catch him. Meanwhile, Satan (renamed Dark Prince overseas to avoid religious implications) tries to fool Arle into going on a date with him at the Love Springs by breaking apart pieces of a ticket there (the "runes"), scattering them around, and luring Carbuncle away to get Arle to come to him...


There are four game modes:

  • Single Puyo Puyo/Pop: see the rest of this article
  • Double Puyo Puyo/Pop: two-player mode. Each time you complete Single Puyo Puyo, you unlock a new character to play as in this mode (see below)
  • Minna de Puyo Puyo/Everybody Puyo Pop: four-player mode.
  • Endless Puyo Puyo/Pop: Endless Mode, using Tsu's rules, or Task Mode (a la Nazo Puyo, except with a time limit and the board is not cleared after completing a mission)

Single Puyo Puyo Gameplay

Gameplay is effectively identical to that of Puyo Puyo Tsuu but includes each new nuisance (called "Block Puyo" overseas) rule from Tsu (Rule Henka, now "Hard Puyo") and Sun (Sun Puyo, now "Point Puyo") introduced in steps.

The story is divided into several courses (each course finding Arle in a different place); completing one course returns you to the title screen. Most courses have Kikimora introduce a new nuisance type. The courses:

Course Enemies Introduced
Hajimari Forest Skeleton-T, Incubus, Seriri nothing
Goldtown Kikimora, Suketadora, Harpy, Minotauros, Nohoho Point Puyo/Sun (will always be offset)
Gachinko Dungeon Kikimora, Harpy, Zoh-Daimaoh, Rulue, Draco Centauros Hard Puyo/Henka (cleared in two shots)
Magical Tower Kikimora, Suketadora, Incubus, Schezo Wegey, Witch random nuisance already on the field at the beginning of the battle
Satan's Castle/Dark Prince Castle Lagnus the Brave, Zoh-Daimaoh, Minotauros, Skeleton-T, Scehzo Wegey, Rulue, Satan nothing
Trial Labyrinth Lagnus the Brave, Skeleton-T, Seriri, Incubus, Nohoho, Kikimora, Suketadora, Harpy, Zoh-Daimaoh, Draco Centauros, Minotauros, Witch, Schezo Wegey, Rulue, Satan, Carbuncle nothing

The game ends after Satan's Castle. After that, play each chapter again to be able to do a special trading sidequest (below); completing that unlocks Trial Labyrinth.

Trading Sidequest

To unlock Trial Labyrinth, you must complete a trading sidequest after beating the game once:

  1. Beat Satan's Castle a second time to get the Dubious Book
  2. Beat Magical Tower to give the Dubious Book to Witch and get the Flame Expander from her
  3. Beat Gachinko Dungeon to give the Flame Expander to Draco Centauros and get the Nohoho Rucksack from her
  4. Beat Goldtown to give the Nohoho Rucksack to Nohoho and get the Scale Pendant from him
  5. Beat Hajimari Forest to give Seriri the Scale Pendant and she will give you the Goddess Rune, unlocking Trial Labyrinth and completing the sidequest


The Options menu also has a Gallery feature. Gallery shows you cards collected while replaying courses. Most cards have the game's characters and their calls (A plays the next call; waiting too long also plays the next call automatically).

  1. Arle Nadja — unlocked by default
  2. Skeleton-T — beat Hajimari Forest a third time and Seriri will give you it
  3. Incubus — beat Hajimari Forest a second time and Seriri will give you it
  4. Seriri — beat Hajimari Forest a fourth time and Seriri will give you it
  5. Nohoho — beat Goldtown a third time and Nohoho will give you it
  6. Suketadora — beat Goldtown a second time and Nohoho will give you it
  7. Kikimora — beat Goldtown a fifth time and Nohoho will give you it
  8. Draco Centauros — beat Gachinko Dungeon a third time and Draco Centauros will give you it
  9. Minotauros — beat Gachinko Dungeon a second time and Draco Centauros will give you it
  10. Harpy — beat Gachinko Dungeon a fourth time and Draco Centauros will give you it
  11. Witch — beat Magical Tower a second time and Witch will give you it
  12. Schezo Wegey — beat Magical Tower a fourth time and Witch will give you it
  13. Zoh-Daimaoh — beat Magical Tower a fifth time and Witch will give you it
  14. Rulue — beat Satan's Castle a fourth time and you will get it
  15. Lagnus the Brave — beat Satan's Castle a third time and you will get it
  16. Satan — beat Satan's Castle a fifth time and you will get it
  17.  ?
  18.  ?
  19. Title Screen Card, Puyo Puyo Tsuu Title Screen Music — beat Trial Labyrinth a second time and you will get it

Note: you will not get a card from a stage where you have to trade.

Double Puyo Puyo Unlockables

  • Satan Mask (play as Satan) — beat Satan's Castle the first time and you will get it
  • Point Puyo Ring (play with Point Puyo) — beat Goldtown a fourth time and Nohoho will give you it
  • Double Erase Ring (play with a "Double Erase" rule (? — possibly Hard Puyo)) — beat Magical Tower a third time and Witch will give you it
  • Erase 6 Ring (play with an "Erase 6" rule (?)) — beat Satan's Castle a sixth time and you will get it
  • Dinner Bell (play as Carbuncle) — beat Trial Labyrinth the first time and you will get it


Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English Puyo Pop Puyo Pop
English (US) Puyo Pop Puyo Pop
Japanese Minna de Puyo Puyo (みんなでぷよぷよ)

Production credits

Created by Sonic Team
Developed by ^Caret House^
  • Producer: Kou Soumi
  • Coordinator: Sora Hidaga
  • Planner: Shiro Sugaya
  • Programmers: Atsushi Ohike, Akira Semimaru
  • Designer: Nana Shirao
Sound created by Wave Master

[Uncredited: most of the music was taken from Puyo Puyo Tsuu, composed by Tsuyoshi Matsushima and BA.M of Compile, and from the various Nazo Puyo games, all of which were composed by Matsushima; most, if not all, of the sound effects and voice samples come from Puyo Puyo Sun]

Magazine articles

Main article: Puyo Pop (Game Boy Advance)/Magazine articles.

Physical scans

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Publication Score Source
80 [4]
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80 [6]
Game Boy Advance
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Game Boy Advance, US
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Game Boy Advance, EU
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PuyoPop GBA EU Cart.jpg
Game Boy Advance, JP (Okaidoku-ban)
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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Game Boy Advance
CRC32 857FB1EF
MD5 62E74F9B0928B578764E8F466DAC412D
SHA-1 927BD890ED5E1573022F9806F91E554A12DE5429
8MB Cartridge (JP)
Game Boy Advance
CRC32 C85DE50E
MD5 2EA8794792B610DC216324F056000F29
SHA-1 DF931351D42D92C0D4CA1623D77D8255A1861819
8MB Cartridge (EU)
Game Boy Advance
CRC32 0901BE49
SHA-1 338702EA961B17C46A1DEB960F5D0DF19D7912F9
8MB Cartridge (US)

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