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Localisation comparisons

Title screen

PuyoPop GBA JP Title.png

JP version

PuyoPop GBA EN TitleJP.png

US/EU versions (Japanese)

PuyoPop GBATitleScreen.png

US/EU versions (English)

Changing the language in the western versions will change the title screen accordingly. In the Japanese version, the Japanese title is always displayed even when playing in English.

The western versions also display a "Licensed by Nintendo" notice in the bottom left corner for both languages.

English script

The English script is in a generally unpolished state in the Japanese version of Puyo Pop, with numerous mistranslations and grammatical errors. It would be refined for international releases.

PuyoPop GBA JP Carbuncle.png

JP version

PuyoPop GBA EN Carbuncle.png

US/EU versions

Carbuncle is referred to as "Cakkun".

PuyoPop GBA JP WhatsThis.png

JP version

PuyoPop GBA EN WhatsThis.png

US/EU versions

One of the more notable examples is "What's could this be?", which was changed to "What's this?".

PuyoPop GBA JP MatchWin.png

JP version

PuyoPop GBA EN MatchWin.png

US/EU versions

The text displayed on both players' fields at the end of a match says "GOOD!" and, rather confusingly, "BABA BING" respectively. These were changed appropriately in western versions.


Puyo Pop (Game Boy Advance)

PuyoPop GBATitleScreen.png

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