Satoshi Kitahara

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Satoshi Kitahara
Employment history:
Sega of Japan (1992-05 – )
Role(s): Designer, Director, Producer
Education: Nanzan University

Satoshi Kitahara (北原 聡) is a Japanese graphic designer. He joined Sega in May 1992 after early work on art at Namco and Universal, and was placed in AM3.[1] While there, he joined the ranks of the division's advanced 3DCG department, initially designing pre-rendered graphics for arcade titles.

Kitahara's projects of his own came in the latter part of the decade, when he produced and directed 3DCG short films experimenting with new rendering technology at Sega, including Flipbook[2] and Lights and Water.[3] These were accepted into SIGGRAPH showcases and other overseas award shows,[4] eventually becoming a part of the CyberWorld anthology film shown at IMAX cinemas.[5]

Kitahara left Sega duing October 1999 and has since pursued a career in education at Kogakuin University and Ritsumeikan University.[1] His last job in the games industry at DICE, between 2000 and 2003,[6] saw him become involved with Sega one further time on Sega Rally Championship in 2002.

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