Shun Arai

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Shun Arai
Place of birth: Fukagawa, Tokyo, Japan[1]
Date of birth: 1959-06-15[1][2] (age 64)
Employment history:
Role(s): Programmer, Producer, Executive
Education: Yokohama City University

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Shun Arai (新井 瞬) joined Sega in 1985 as a programmer, working on little projects for the Sega SG-1000 and Mark III[5]. When the idea came up for Sega and CRI to develop software for education, he was reassigned here because of his mathematics teaching license[6]. He became Sega's go-to person for handling projects that expanded Sega's horizons, such as the Mega Modem[7]. He was also in charge of home banking[7][1][2], which the Mega Modem provided through Mega Anser.

In the 90's he was transferred to Sega CS2[3], and it may have been here that he became involved mainly with systems, including developing tools for the Sega Saturn and providing technical support[7][1][2]. In 1996 he became head of Sega PC which porting various titles to said platform[7]. In 1999 he became the head of Sega Software R&D Dept. 6[7][1][2] (formerly Sega CS1) and the division became Smilebit in 2000, where remained this position until 2003 when he was replaced by Takayuki Kawagoe.

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