Shun Arai

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Shun Arai
Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan
Date of birth: 1959-06-15[1] (age 63)
Employment history:
Role(s): Programmer, Producer, Executive
Education: Yokohama City University

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Shun Arai (新井 瞬) joined Sega in 1985 as a programmer. He was initially engaged to develop software for education, home banking and Sega Saturn development tool kit. In the mid 90's, he became head of the internal PC division porting various titles. In 1999 he became the head of Sega Software R&D Dept. #6 (formerly Sega CS1) and the division became Smilebit in 2000, where remained this position until 2003 when he was replaced by Takayuki Kawagoe.

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