Sangokushi Taisen

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Sangokushi Taisen
System(s): Sega Chihiro Satellite Terminal
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Simulation

Number of players: 1-4
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Arcade (Chihiro Sattelite Terminal)
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Sangokushi Taisen (三国志大戦) is a four-player arcade simulation game released by Sega in 2005 that uses collectionable cards. Different to other Sega arcades games that have this feature, Sangokushi Taisen is aimed to an older audience.


The game uses the flat panel reader from World Club Champion Football. Unlike that game, however, Sangokushi Taisen can detect the exact movement of the cards, and not just the initial placement.

Battle plays out in a way in which you put out different generals in the battlefield. Each general has difference in attributes in strengh and intelligence, and is differentiated in the types of troops. You also have different types of mana energy in this game. One is for the troops, meaning from the eight slots, each troop can take up from 1 to 3 slots. Then there is the bar for special abilities, which fills itself up over time. Generally this contributes to strength that can be applied to the troop type, while intelligence contributes to the abilities that the troop has. Sometimes, when two troops face each other, a mini-game activates where one strike kills the other troop. Generally the player wins when they bring the enemy’s health of its castle down to zero, and like a fighting there is a time limit as well.

The troops are Swordmen, Spearmen, Cavalry, Archers and Siege. The troops are all weak and strong against each other, but have additional attributes as well. For one, they have six special abilities which are Revival (speed up the revival of the generals when they fall in battle), Charisma (buffers up the mana bar in the game), Recruitment (takes in a troop that you never used in the battle taking place), Ambush (a stealth technique that makes your troop invisible until contact), Fence (places a wooden plate for more defense on your castle), Link (if multiple troops have that Link ability, they can enhance the current ability that is being used).

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