New Entertainment R&D Dept.

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New Entertainment R&D Dept.
Division of Sega of Japan
Founded: 2004-07-01[1]
Defunct: 2008-05-01

New Entertainment R&D Dept. was a development division within Sega formed after a restructuring of Sega (and Sammy) in 2005. The division was effectively a continuation of Amusement Vision, with the Amusement Vision moniker dropped. Non sports staff of the former Smilebit studio also ended up at the studio, with sports game developers going to Sports Design R&D Dept..

As the name suggests, New Entertainment was responsible for developing brand new products for Sega, specifically those aimed at the consumer (home) market. By far its biggest success in this regard was the release of Yakuza, which went on to spawn an entire franchise. It also continued the Super Monkey Ball line of games.

In 2008 it continued as Sega CS1.

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