Tetsuya Kaku

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Tetsuya Kaku
Date of birth: 1968-08-16[1] (age 55)
Employment history:
Sega Enterprises (1993-04[2] – )
Role(s): Programmer
Education: Kyushu Institute of Technology (Information Science)[5]
Twitter: @Nucleus_

Tetsuya Kaku (加来 徹也) is a chief programmer of Sega. He joined Sega in 1993 and was assigned to AM R&D Dept. #2, his first project being Virtua Fighter. He continued to work on the series until becoming program director of Virtua Fighter 3. He accompanied developer Toshihiro Nagoshi to work for the spun-off Sega AM11 and developer Spikeout: Digital Battle Online. He was one of the few advisers behind Rent A Hero No. 1 who hadn't worked on the original Rent A Hero, his role being to provide the source code from the Spikeout engine[6].

At Amusement Vision, he continued his program director duties on Planet Harriers and F-Zero AX/GX, and being the lead system programmer for Super Monkey Ball. He then became involved with the Yakuza series for a decade, first as lead battle programmer, then main programmer for Yakuza 2 and 3[7]. His last know work as programming director is Binary Domain.

In 2016 he moved from Sega Games to Sega Interactive R&D2[4].

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