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Masataka Noda
Employment history:
Role(s): Programmer, Director

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Masataka Noda (野田 昌孝) is a Japanese game developer and former arcade owner. He is most notable for his extensive work with Dartslive.


In the 90's, he was the manager of Game Spot 21[1], an arcade in Shinjuku, Tokyo, which had its greatest success as the premier spot for playing Sega's Virtua Fighter games[2][3].

Noda joined Sega in the late 90's as a programmer, his first game being Crazy Taxi, followed by Derby Owners Club. By 2002 he had become a director[1] He directed CR Waiwai Bingo for Sammy, and was involved in the creation of Dartslive, and continued to evolve Dartslive products throughout the years.

Noda left Sega around 2010, and worked on a pinball machine for Sammy in 2013[4].

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