Hiroshi Tatefuku

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HiroshiTatefuku HitoMaker.jpg
Hiroshi Tatefuku
Employment history:
Hitmaker (2001[1][2][3] – )
Sega (?? – 2012-01[3])
Role(s): Programmer
Twitter: @TATEXH

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Hiroshi Tatefuku (立福 寛) is a Japanese programmer who previously worked at Sega of Japan. During his years at university, he worked at home making games and learning to program 3D computer graphics, while also working a part-time job at an IT venture company[5]. He joined Sega in 2001 and was assigned to Hitmaker[1], where he began developing libraries and tools for arcade games, which continued when he was transferred to the AM Development Technology Dept.[2]. His work mainly involved creating and maintaining content pipelines, but he also developed plug-ins for the Autodesk applications Softimage and Maya[2].

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