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Infogrames logo.svg
Founded: 1983-06
Defunct: 2009-05-29
T-series code: T-151
Headquarters: France

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Infogrames Entertainment, SA (IESA) was a video game developer and publisher. It now stands as a holding company.

Infogrames have acquired a number of game companies during their lifespan:

Starting in 2001 until mid 2003, when Sega started to become a third party publisher, Infogrames distributed almost all of Sega's titles on the Nintendo GameCube, Xbox and PC.

May 2003 saw a reshuffle after the purchasing of the Atari brand:

  • Infogrames Inc. (formely GT Interactive) became "Atari Inc."
  • European operations were named "Atari Europe".
  • Infogrames Interactive, Inc. (formely Hasbro Interactive) became "Atari Interactive Inc."
  • Infogrames Australia Pty Ltd (formerly OziSoft) became Atari Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Infogrames Melbourne House Pty Ltd (formerly Beam Software) became Atari Melbourne House Pty Ltd.
  • Infogrames UK (formely Ocean Software) became Atari UK.

Since this period IESA hit financial difficulties and have sold off many intellectual properties and development companies. In May 2009 IESA renamed itself Atari, SA, thus eliminating all references to the Infogrames brand. As this occurred well after Infogrames were producing games for Sega systems (or publishing Sega products), this page has been left with the Infogrames name.


Note: This list should contain games developed by Infogrames or published under the Infogrames brand. It should not contain games produced by companies before Infogrames acquired them.