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Hiromasa Kaneko
Employment history:
Role(s): Programmer

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Hiromasa Kaneko (金子 博政) is a former programmer at Sega of Japan. He originally worked on arcade games, but switched to console development in 1993/1994 alongside Manabu Ishihara. The majority of the games Kaneko worked on were sports games.

Because of the appearance of the initials KAN in various arcade games, including Kaneko's only known arcade game Dark Edge, GDRI has speculated that his history goes to back to the 80's,[1], including Bullet in 1987 (as the longer KANE), Bonanza Bros in 1990 and Clutch Hitter in 1991. However, other appearances of KAN that are earlier than 1987 instead correspond to Minoru Kanari.

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